Is ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Married? Learn More About Her RomCom-Like Love Story

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is known for her cooking blog. Her blog pivoted into a cookbook and TV show, but not before making her a household name in foodie home.

Drummond is also an author of a book of a different nature: a romantic novel based on her true love story. She didn’t just capture attention when she wrote her book, Why I Wore Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, she also captured the hearts of many who became desperate to learn as much of her life story as possible: People liked her personality and enjoyed her unique lifestyle, and her love life is a major source of interest. 

Is “The Pioneer Woman” married?

Ree Drummond attends The Pioneer Woman magazine celebration.
Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

If you frequently find yourself thinking about the Pioneer Woman and wondering if she’s married, the answer is yes. The pretty redhead married the love of her life, Ladd Drummond, in 1996. Since that time, they’ve brought four children into the world. What some people don’t realize is just how much meeting her sweetheart changed Drummond’s life.

Meeting Ladd Drummond changed the course of The Pioneer Woman’s life

Drummond didn’t plan on becoming the “Pioneer Woman” she’s currently known as. She’d planned on moving to Chicago and enjoying everything the city had to offer. That changed one winter in Oklahoma when she went out for a night of fun with her friends.

At the bar, she met a cute cowboy. She fell for his good looks, which she compares to both the Marlboro Man and Cary Grant, right away. 

Most people might assume that the cute Oklahoma cowboy made the first move, but it was actually Drummond who walked across the crowded bar and started up the initial conversation. She was disappointed when he announced he needed to leave, but charmed by his sweet, humanitarian excuse of going to cook some turkeys for some people he knew.

Drummond managed to slip the hunky cowboy her number before he left, but she failed to catch his name. The entire time she was in Oklahoma, she waited for him to call. But days turned into weeks, which turned into a month, and no call was made. Deciding the connection she’d felt was all one-sided, she prepared to make her way to Chicago.

The one thing that stopped Drummond was her brother’s pending nuptials. She went to the wedding with another guy who she really liked, so when the phone rang, she assumed it was her wedding date. It wasn’t. It was the Oklahoman cowboy who’d been haunting her imagination for months.

Drummond agreed to a dinner date. Despite the fact that, to an outside observer, the pair appeared to be hopelessly mismatched, they had a great time together. At the end of the evening, he even caught her as she started to fall — talk about a moment straight out of a romantic comedy. That particular moment ended with a climactic kiss.

The instant attraction the pair felt for one another was enough to convince Drummond to change her plans and stay in Oklahoma with her rugged, ranch-loving cowboy.

How Ree Drummond keeps the love alive

While Drummond has admitted that the couple has had their ups and downs over the past twenty-plus years, she is still quite happy with the life choices she’s made. While she might not have planned on becoming a rancher’s wife, it turned out to be just what she needed.

It helps that she and Ladd, who hails from a very wealthy ranching family, work hard to keep the love alive. The pair isn’t shy about the fact that they still send each other loving messages via letters and videos. She tolerates some of the quirks that fans say would drive them up a wall.

Perhaps the most important reason their love and marriage stay strong is that the pair obviously has a great deal of understanding and respect for one another, which makes it possible for them to work through the rough patches that all marriages encounter.