Is the State of Wyoming Getting Sick of Kanye West?

Kanye West might be going through a religious awakening but that doesn’t mean that everyone is quite ready to accept all of his eccentricities. The rapper and his wife, Kim Kardashian, recently purchased a huge ranch in Wyoming, with the intention of making music there and getting away from it all. However, West has run afoul of Wyoming authorities several times over the past few months, leaving many to suspect that residents of the state could be getting very tired of the outspoken rapper.

What properties did Kanye West buy in Wyoming?

Kanye West speaks during a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in the Oval office of the White House.
Kanye West | Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images

In September 2019, it was reported that West had purchased a 9,000-acre property in Wyoming known as Monster Lake Ranch. The ranch, which is situated next to the town of Cody, has multiple structures including eight different lodging areas, an event center, a restaurant, and lots of barns and corrals for horses. 

While the move seemed out of the blue, Kardashian opened up about why they had decided to buy land in Wyoming. She admitted that she could see the family living there full-time eventually, making occasional trips to Los Angeles to visit family and friends.

Still, the family isn’t currently living there full-time and makes only occasional trips to the property, as West and Kardashian’s businesses are both still centered in California and New York.

They have shared some images of their time in Wyoming to social media, revealing that the ranch is idyllic and peaceful, the perfect spot to raise young children. The ranch must have made a huge impression in a short time, for it was reported on November 19th that West bought yet another ranch in Wyoming, this one nearly 7,000 acres. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got in trouble with the game warden

Not long after West purchased the ranch, he and Kardashian paid a visit to their new digs. During the trip, Kardashian posted a video to her Instagram that seemed to show she and her husband driving in a golf cart, apparently chasing some of the native wild antelope.

In the video, Kardashian can be heard saying, “you’re scaring them,” but West doesn’t alter his course. As a result of the video, Kardashian and West were accused by fans of wildlife harassment and were reportedly visited by Wyoming game wardens, who informed them of the rules pertaining to local wildlife.

Still, no formal complaint was lodged against the couple, although the video definitely left a bad taste in the mouths of concerned Wyoming citizens.

Kanye West’s amphitheater plans are on hold

Recently, it was revealed that West is planning to build an amphitheater — for what exact purpose remains unknown — on the grounds of his Wyoming property. Construction has not been going smoothly.

According to sources in the local government, West was ordered to put the construction of the amphitheater on hold due to the fact that he broke ground without a permit. In order to resume construction, West and his team must submit a brand-new building permit application. 

Are Wyoming residents tired of Kanye West?

Certainly, West is digging himself even deeper into a hole in the state of Wyoming. While he certainly can’t be forced off of his own land, if residents get too tired of the shenanigans, it is possible that they could lodge formal complaints again the rapper. At the rate he’s going, West doesn’t seem to be endearing himself to any of the locals — and this is all before the amphitheater is even constructed.