Is There a Restaurant Makeover Show in Scott Conant’s Future?

Whether you are a loyal Food Network fan or only occasionally watch to get your cooking fix, you are familiar with Chopped judge Scott Conant.

He has been a long-standing judge on the show and has judged other cooking shows too. With his reputation as a tough judge with his blunt critiques of constants’ dishes, some think it would be a nice change of pace for him to have a restaurant makeover show. Conant has the experience and personality to help turn restaurants around, so does he have plans for a new show anytime soon?

We reveal the answer and why some fans have a love-hate relationship with the world-leading chef and Food Network star. 

Scott Conant restaurant industry career

Chef Scott Conant
Chef Scott Conant | John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Scott Conant is a renowned chef with a passion for soulful food. With over 34 years in the restaurant industry, he has an ever-expanding brand and growing portfolio.

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Conant was determined to prove his culinary creativity by building a reputation of outstanding leadership. He ran kitchens of famed Italian spots that earned stellar reviews while he was there.

It was in 2002 when Conant really gained popularity with the opening of L’Impero, which The New York Times gave a three-star review, James Beard Foundation gave it the title of “Best New Restaurant,” and numerous top publications praised the New York restaurant. From there, he went on to open other elegant Italian restaurants including, Alto, Mora Italian, and Cellaio.

In 2018, Conant launched his Sprezza line of cooking and pantry essentials. His mission was to share his passion for cooking with fans and allow them to cook with authentic Italian flavor in their kitchens. 

For those that are not followers of all the top chefs around the world, you may recognize Conant as a Food Network personality. He has been a judge on the widely-watched show Chopped for over a decade and a recurring host on Beat Bobby Flay. 

He also hosts the new Food Network show Chopped Sweets and has served as a host of Best Baker in America 2 and 3 and TopGolf’s Chef Showdown. Conant has also made guest appearances on several talk shows and other cooking shows. To top off Conant’s busy career, he has published three cookbooks. 

Food Network fans have mixed feelings about Scott Conant

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Fans and constants both know Conant has a huge aversion of raw, red onions, but some foodies have the same dissatisfaction with Conant’s Food Network appearances.

One Reddit user has referred to him as “insufferable.” Other fans enjoy his tough judging and are in awe of his spectacular pasta dishes.  One user even thinks it’s the producers of Chopped for his harsh attitude that fans don’t like, saying, “And while Conant is a bit much when he judges, when he is on other programs, he’s quite fun. I think it’s the producers of Chopped who want the judges to have that particular attitude.”

While fans may have mixed feelings about Conant, his straightforward and honest judging can help contestants grow in their cooking aspirations. 

What’s in store for Scott Conant? 

While some may think his fate on the Food Network could be in jeopardy, others want to see more from Conant. One Reddit user said, “I want to see Scott Conant do a restaurant makeover show. Dude can be brutally honest.”

While Conant has not revealed plans for a restaurant makeover show, his extensive restaurateur experience would be a good fit. And he seems to be securing his long-standing place on the Food Network with Chopped Sweets being a big hit with fans, according to Twitter posts. 

Whatever is in store for Conant, you can bet he will continue sharing his enduring philosophy, via Food Network: “savor the pure pleasure of food, down to its last taste.”