Is This Proof Prince Charles Is Ready to Take the Throne?

Queen Elizabeth is healthy, happy, and ruling for the foreseeable future. Still, no one lives forever, and many people have started looking to the future, when her eldest son, Prince Charles, will take the throne.

Prince Charles has not always been the most popular member of the royal family. In fact, in past years, he was the topic of outright ire, with many royal watchers questioning whether or not he was fit to rule at all.

Things have started to change in recent years, and public opinion has swayed towards Prince Charles. Plus, some royal sources are claiming that Prince Charles might be more ready than ever to assume the throne.

Do people like Prince Charles these days?

Prince Charles
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

During his marriage to Princess Diana, Prince Charles was not the most popular person the UK. The rumors of his long-term affair with mistress Camilla Parker Bowles damaged his reputation and when he and Princess Diana divorced in 1996, his popularity took another nosedive.

It has been hard for the Prince of Wales to recover from those years, and when he ultimately married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005, he faced derision and scorn from the public. 

Still, in recent years, Prince Charles’ reputation has slowly gotten better. The image of him as a grandfather has gone a long way to help the public see him as a family man. In addition, his sweet relationship with his daughter in law, Meghan Markle, has endeared him to royal fans everywhere.

The image of him walking Markle down the aisle to meet Prince Harry is one that is ingrained in public consciousness. While Prince Charles will likely never enjoy the soaring popularity of Prince Harry or Kate Middleton, he has become more beloved than even he might have imagined many years ago.

Prince Charles is loosening up

It is believed that Prince Charles will become king sooner than later. He’s next in line for the throne and has slowly been ramping up preparations for the huge responsibility of ruling a country. Although he has been trained his entire life for the task of ruling, it is likely more difficult than anyone really realizes. 

However, it seems as though Prince Charles isn’t very stressed about the impending upgrade to his title. A recent news story claims that Prince Charles, formerly rather dour in nature, is “loosening up” by posting funny pictures to social media, indicating that he could be more relaxed in his life than ever before.

The royal expert interviewed for the story also claimed that the public’s acceptance of his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, is likely contributing to his happier demeanor.

Prince William likely won’t precede Prince Charles to the throne

For some time, there was serious talk about the line of succession being upended, and Prince William taking the throne after the passing of Queen Elizabeth. However, that seems to be gossip, and no real evidence exists that the line of succession will be bypassed. Although Prince Charles, at the time he takes the throne, will be the oldest monarch in British history, he’s healthy and fit. Realistically, Prince Charles could rule for many, many years before his son, Prince William, ultimately becomes king. 

In all likelihood, Prince Charles will be a good king, as he has had years to prepare himself, mentally and physically. No matter what happens when he assumes the throne, it’s a good sign that he is in a positive mental place to take on such great responsibility. 

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