Is This Really Why the Duggar Family Instagram Just Added a Photo of Jedidiah Duggar?

We remember when the youngest member of the Duggar family, Josie, was born over 9 years ago — and it’s hard to believe how grown-up many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are today. While Counting On fans have been religiously following certain Duggars, like Jinger, Jessa, and Jana, through the show and through their Instagrams, there are others who we don’t often see or hear of. And Jedidiah Duggar is one of them.

Every once in a while, Jedidiah will make an appearance on the Duggar family Instagram. And most recently, the family posted a photo of him and Michelle together — and it seems there are a few theories as to why he’s making an appearance.

Jedidiah Duggar is now 20 years old

While Jedidiah certainly doesn’t get as much attention as any of the Duggar women, we can’t forget that he’s well into adulthood now. Back in January, In Touch Weekly reminded us that Jedidah and Jeremiah, a set of twins amongst the 19 Duggar kids, are now 20 years old. They were seen FaceTiming with Jinger — and they look more adult than ever before. Even Jinger was surprised by how fast time passed, as she also noted, “How are they 20 already?!”

While many of the Duggars who are above the age of 20 have their own Instagram, it appears Jed and Jeremiah aren’t among them. And since they’re not married, they also still live under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. All of the Duggars live in the family home until marriage — and once they’ve tied the knot, they often have kids immediately and give the public more insight into their private lives via social media. There’s a good chance the twins still reside in the same room as the younger boys in the house, too, as Jana Duggar, who’s unmarried and 29, still rooms with all the little girls.

He recently made an appearance on the Duggar family Instagram

We may not see too many posts the feature just Jedidiah alone, but the Duggar family Instagram recently added a sweet photo of him and Michelle. It’s clear Michelle added the photo and posted it, too, as she captioned it, “Jed, thank you so much!! He bought me this sign as a gift from the Tontitown Grape Festival. Such a tender-hearted guy!”

Many of the other Duggars commented on the photo, too. “He sure is!” Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth confirmed to the “tender-hearted guy” comment. And Anna Duggar wrote, “Jed is always thinking of others — such a sweet guy!” And many other fans of the family took to the comments to mention how nice it was that Jed was thinking of Michelle while at the fair. “What a sweet son, that was so nice,” another added.

Could this be a sign that courtship is incoming?

The Duggars are known for courting and marrying young, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see either Jedidiah or Jeremiah court next. We can’t forget that Jed is rumored to have dated Kendra Caldwell before Joseph swooped in and made his intentions clear. Now, Kendra and Joseph are married, and Jed is seemingly still single. But perhaps the Duggars are making his presence more prevalent on their Instagram to suggest he’s entered a courtship.

“They keep propping Jed up more than usual. … My guess is he’s courting and the girl said to get something for his mom so they could seem thoughtful,” one Reddit user suggested. And others seemed to agree with this idea.

If Jed really is set to enter a courtship, we’re sure we’ll hear about it on the next season of Counting On. Courtships bring major attention to the family and certainly keep viewers watching, which is good news for TLC and the Duggar’s bank accounts. And fans will certainly keep an eye out for even more Jed content on the family’s social media.

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