Is This the Real Reason Marvel’s Kevin Feige Is Making a ‘Star Wars’ Film?

The reality of Kevin Feige being picked by Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy to direct a Star Wars movie made every fan of the galaxy far, far away have a classic Pavlov Response. This time, it’s not some silly Reddit rumor and truly happening. Not that those on Reddit aren’t having a field day figuring out why Feige is making this move and what the impact will be.

It means a lot of things, though none officially confirmed. We can see some handwriting on the wall about why Feige would direct a Star Wars movie beyond just being a fun thing to do.

Thanks to Feige’s proven creative prowess and voluminous box office successes, he’s now Disney’s go-to guy for the future of their franchises. Eventually, it could lead to an even bigger role in shaping what Disney looks like at the executive level.

Can Kevin Feige make a good ‘Star Wars’ film?

Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con
Marvel’s Kevin Feige | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

When you prove yourself as a creative master in the Marvel universe, you’re going to be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. No doubt Feige opened a golden path to doing anything he wanted after proving his worth in all the best MCU films. He’ll be rewarded further on this thanks to the new deal to keep Spider-Man at the MCU for the time being.

Regardless, imagine being able to choose from a number of A-list options, including directing a Star Wars film at will. No doubt there wasn’t any arguing when he came forward he’d like to direct a movie for Lucasfilm because he’s a fan. The bigger question is whether he can really focus on it with his plate already full with future MCU projects.

Perhaps we’ll learn his sense of creative balance, even though his ST film probably won’t be out for a long while. What’s still up in the air is what really comes next in the way of big-screen Star Wars efforts following The Rise of Skywalker.

Feige might place more importance on this movie above Marvel for a very specific executive strategy.

Does Feige really have his eye on Alan Horn’s job at Disney?

Those of you unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes executive roles at Disney might not know Alan Horn has been the co-chairman at Walt Disney Studios since 2012, and the chief creative officer since May. He’s been responsible for many popular movies and cinematic franchises over the years, going back to working at 20th Century Fox, founding Castle Rock Entertainment, plus President and COO at Warner Bros.

He’s not young, though, having been forced to retire at Warner Bros. eight years ago due to (basically) internal age bias.

Later, Bob Iger urged him to come out of retirement to heard the creative operations at Disney.

At age 76 now, Horn is expected to probably retire before he hits 80. If we all know older people in executive positions can bring a lot of value, it’s a tiring job being in a top position into your late 70s.

Some people at Reddit think Feige is being groomed to take Horn’s job eventually, maybe during or after Feige’s Star Wars film is made. Any prospect for this is making Marvel fans speculate what Disney would look like someday if Feige takes this influential job.

Would Disney look more like Marvel if Feige took over?

Just because Kevin Feige essentially works for Disney already doesn’t mean he’d necessarily want to make creative decisions for the company. After all, if he became CCO of Disney, he’d have to oversee all future Disney product as well as Marvel and Star Wars.

What it may mean is just focus on Marvel and Star Wars for the most part, something even Disney knows will be their primary future.

We’ll probably know in the next couple of years if Horn truly wants to retire and enjoy his 80s without corporate pressure. Most importantly, would we see a Feige-run Disney be more than just Marvel and Star Wars to make Disney (and Pixar) fans rest easy?

Thanks to Feige’s creative sense and knowing what the public wants (especially in the Spider-Man franchise), he’d be the closest thing to a modern-day Walt Disney.