Is This the Reason Meghan Markle Pushes the Boundaries of Royal Life?

Meghan Markle is now a wife and mother, but she’s not slowing down. Markle, Prince Harry, and their young son, Archie Harrison, just completed a tour of Africa where they received good publicity and did a lot of on-the-ground work with various charities.

Markle, in particular, made a strong impression while in Africa, meeting with women’s empowerment organizations and opening up in a way that she hasn’t in months. She made one speech that many believe is the most transparent that she has yet given, discussing her new ambitions and goals in life now that she is a mother and a member of the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s path to motherhood

Meghan Markle smiling at the camera
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married, after a whirlwind two-year courtship, in May 2018. Almost immediately, people started discussing when the two would start trying for a baby. Markle was 37 and considered to be of advanced maternal age. The longer that Markle and Prince Harry waited, the greater the risk for Markle and the unborn baby.

The couple announced that they were expecting in the fall of 2018, and people everywhere were very excited for them.

Still, Meghan Markle suffered from negative press all during her pregnancy. She was even slammed for having an expensive baby shower, thrown by her friends in New York City. She gave birth to Archie Harrison in May 2019.

While fans were anxious to see the baby, Markle and Prince Harry kept their newborn son well away from the spotlight, only allowing a few quick glimpses at the baby. In fact, their Africa trip was the first time that royal watchers had seen videos of Archie Harrison, further garnering them some positive press due to how cute the little one is. 

What did Meghan Markle say about her royal duties?

In late September, during the tour of Africa, Meghan Markle made time for a solo engagement. She gave a speech at an organization that spotlights the work of female entrepreneurs, and in her speech, admitted that she has struggled with some things during her transition to motherhood.

Reportedly, Markle discussed the delicate balance of having her royal duties and still feeling the need to fulfill what “her heart desires.” Markle acknowledged that those desires don’t “fade away” when one becomes a duchess – and that finding the balance, and remaining true to who you are, is vital to emotional and mental wellbeing.

Meghan Markle is proving to be a royal rule-breaker

While Markle gave the speech to a roomful of rapt attendees, she was very clearly using herself as an example. Markle has always had a passion for doing good in the world and was involved with charitable organizations when she was still a teenager.

It is Markle’s desire to push the needle on social justice issues that have probably contributed to her difficulty with the British press. Many critics don’t appreciate a member of the royal family speaking out about environmental issues or women’s equality.

Markle’s comments about pursuing her heart’s desire are also interesting. It could be that she never really wanted to become a duchess at all, but married Prince Harry simply for love, and is dealing with the backlash and the press negativity because it is part of the package.

Still, many critics have spoken out and said that if Markle wants to change up the narrative and to start having an easier time with the public and press, she will have to change up the way that she does things.

Perhaps then she will be able to enjoy working for what she loves while fully immersing herself in her role as the Duchess of Sussex.