Is This the Reason ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Finally Received Emmy Nominations?

Schitt’s Creek has finally received the awards recognition it deserves. The show, going into its sixth season, has just now received Emmy nods, and they came in some of the ceremony’s most significant categories. While the show chugged along on a niche network for several seasons, it quickly amassed a cult following. Still, the Television Academy didn’t notice. That seemingly changed overnight with massive nominations in the Oustanding Comedy Series category, as well as nominations for Catherine O’Hara in the Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category, and Eugene Levy in the Oustanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category. The show also competed in a costume design category.  

How did the cast react to their nominations?

The Emmy Awards were seemingly not on the mind of cast members when the show wrapped its fifth season. It also wasn’t on their minds when nominations were announced. Dan Levy, spoke to the Los Angeles Times shortly after the show was nominated. He said, “I had no expectations when it came to awards because we are so small.”

He went on to say that he was alone on vacation when he got the news. Levy noted that his friends had taken off to grab groceries, so he spent some time screaming alone in Tuscany until his group returned. Eugene Levy was also surprised by the nominations. Speaking to reporters, he said, “We started out as kind of the little engine that could. We’re up here in Toronto doing our thing, trying to make the best character comedy that we can and trying to create characters that are indelible and endearing and funny.”

Did Netflix help Schitt’s Creek receive the recognition it deserved?

For a show like Schitt’s Creek simply receiving a nomination is a huge accolade. The notion that they might walk away with at least one statue is a different feat altogether. According to Quartz, more often than not, a show that hasn’t received a nomination by its second season is unlikely to receive one throughout the show’s run. Schitt’s Creek made it to its fifth season without a nod, and by the sounds of it, the cast and crew never expected one.

The cast of 'Schitt's Creek'
Annie Murphy, Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy | Photo by GP Images/WireImage

New York Magazine notes that the show’s success did not happen overnight, although that’s how it may appear to the general public. The addition of the show to Netflix is likely what helped with awareness, but the series has been slowly adding fans prior to its Netflix assignment.

The offbeat comedy has likely had such success because it’s been given the freedom to spread its wings more gradually than traditional network television allows. The build-up has managed to help the cast amass a cult following, and with it, recognition from the streaming giant came. Once there was awareness about the series, Emmy nominations were just around the corner.

Will Schitt’s Creek take home an Emmy Award?

Whether the show will take home an award at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards is hard to predict. TV Line fans, however, believe that Catherine O’Hara deserves the statue for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, according to a recent poll. While fans might be ready to hand over the accolade to the well-respected star, it’s likely to be an uphill battle.

O’Hara is competing against the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus who has won the category six times in the last seven years for her role in Veep. She will also be up against Rachel Brosnahan, who snatched the trophy last year during The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel first eligible Emmy year. Christine Applegate and Natasha Lyonne are also competing in the category for their respective Netflix Originals, Dead to Me and Russian Doll.

The show has a similarly tough battle in the Oustanding Comedy Series category, going up against many of the same shows nominated in the actor and actress categories. Eugene Levy, for his part, will be battling it out against Ted Danson, Don Cheadle, Michael Douglas and Bill Hader in his group. Hader is largely expected to take home the trophy for the second year in a row.