Is This Why Tom Holland Has Trouble Keeping Quiet About Marvel Spoilers?

Tom Holland has a reputation for being one of the most frequent spoilers among actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So much so that on The Avengers press tours, Marvel sent Benedict Cumberbatch to help keep him quiet.

Some have blamed this on Holland being young, excitable, and impulsive. Having just turned 23 years old, he’s the youngest member of the MCU, unless you count the baby that ended up in Ant-Man’s time travel suit in Avengers: Endgame

Tom Holland
Tom Holland (Spider-Man) | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

On the other hand, the spoiling isn’t entirely Holland’s fault. Marvel keeps the actors so busy shooting a scene from one movie while promoting another that it becomes all too easy to get disoriented. It just so happens that revealing secrets is a key plot point of the newest MCU movie. 

Tom Holland: Habitual spoiler

On a recent press junket for the newly released Spider-Man: Far From Home, Extra asked Holland and co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon which cast member is most prone to spoilers. Zendaya and Batalon simultaneously pointed to Holland, who joked, “It’s definitely not me. It’s not me at all.”

Among the most notorious of Holland’s spoilers was when he revealed the fate of Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War by shouting “I’m alive!” to an audience that hadn’t watched the movie yet. Oops. 

“I remember for Avengers, the Russo Brothers are like ‘so you’re just standing here, and you’re fighting this guy and just do whatever’ and I’m like, ‘okay, who am I fighting?'” Holland said at a convention. “And they were like ‘well, we can’t tell you because it’s a secret.’ I’m like, ‘okay so what does he look like?’ And they’re like ‘well, we can’t tell you because that would give it away,’ so I’m like ‘how big is he?’ ‘Well, we can’t tell you because that would give it away.’ So, I’m just standing there punching the air for 15 minutes and when I took the job I didn’t think that’s what I’d be doing. I’ve gotten used to it now.”

The cast shoots multiple movies simultaneously

With Marvel releasing as many as three movies a year, they often have the cast shooting more than one film at a time. Holland was juggling scenes in Far From Home and Endgame, sometimes on different floors of the same building. 

“We were shooting this movie (Far From Home), and when we finished the European portion of the shoot, we moved to New York, and when everyone moved to New York, I flew to Atlanta, and I shot a week for Avengers: Endgame,” he said.

Indeed, by the time Holland shot his scenes for Endgame, he was a bit lost because the filmmakers didn’t give Spider-Man the full script, although to be fair, that’s something Marvel does with most if not all of their performers. Brie Larson shot scenes for Endgame before she shot Captain Marvel, so she too was a little lost. 

In that context, it becomes understandable why Marvel actors get confused. Gwyneth Paltrow amused the internet recently when she and fellow MCU veteran Jon Favreau appeared on a cooking show together and Favreau brought up working on Spider-Man: Homecoming together. Paltrow insisted she was in Avengers and seemed genuinely shocked to learn she was in a Spider-Man movie.

Secrecy is part of the story in ‘Far From Home’

All of this is ironic considering that secrecy is central to the story of the new Spider-Man movie. Many of the Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Captain America, don’t have secret identities at all. Peter Parker is one of the few who does because he’s still a teenager, and he doesn’t want to put his friends at risk.

That doesn’t stop the savvy MJ from noticing that Peter Parker always seems to be missing when Spider-Man is around, as the trailer indicated. We won’t reveal more than that, except to say that the two end credits scenes are all about revealing secrets. 

After Spider-Man: Far From Home plays for a few weeks. Disney/Marvel is expected to unveil what the next phase of Marvel movies will be. Beyond the solo Black Widow movie, details have been sketchy, but we’ll fill you in when we get them.