Is ‘Tiny House Hunters’ Better Than the Original Show?

Homeowner enthusiasts and wanna-be interior designers absolutely love HGTV. It’s the place to be if you always have something to say about your besties new bachelorette pad. The channel has a committed set of viewers and often expands its lineup to try to keep up with the times or capitalize on its best shows.

For example, Love It or List It is one of HGTV’s most iconic shows. People just love watching interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin compete to win over homeowners. The network aired Love It or List It Too in response to its success but it just wasn’t the same! Luckily, not all of HGTV’s spin-offs went off the rails.

‘HouseHunters’ is one of HGTV’s longest running shows

House Hunters is one of HGTV’s most successful OG shows dating back to 1999. It’s compiled an impressive 1,968 episodes over 173 seasons in the last 20 years. Clearly, the fan favorite is doing something right. There have been numerous other promising HGTV shows that don’t even come close to its runtime.

House Hunters follows a home buyer or buyers as they search for the perfect home. They provide their real estate agent with a list of wants and needs and the agent goes to work trying to find the ideal property. At the end of most episodes, the buyer chooses the option that calls to them the most and moves right in. There have been a handful of instances were buyers either opted out or purchased more than one property. If only home buying was that simple.

HGTV Welcomes ‘Tiny House Hunters’ into the mix

Tiny House Hunters first appeared on HGTV in 2014, 15 years after the original House Hunters aired. HGTV created the program in response to the new trend making its rounds in the real estate market. While baby boomers were all about buying big, newer generations are looking into going small. Tiny homes have a few benefits that millennials love. Tiny homes do away with a mortgage, providing financial freedom. They support a simpler lifestyle with a smaller environmental footprint. They even allow users with extra small spaces to travel with their homes in tow.

While trends may come and go, Tiny House Hunters has been running strong since its debut.

Is ‘Tiny House Hunters’ better than ‘House Hunters’?

Tiny house hunters
Tiny house hunters | House Hunters via Facebook

As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” While the two shows have a lot in common, you can’t really pit them against each other. Despite having the same basic script, they cater to entirely different crowds. No matter what your preference though, if you just love watching people shop for a new home, both are appealing.

Do the numbers say anything different? House Hunters’ IMDb rating is 6.9/10 across 1,132 reviewers. 89% of users like the show according to Google. Tiny House Hunters’ IMDb rating is 6.2/10 across 159 reviewers. Google says 92% of users are partial to the show. Looking at the ratings, the shows come in pretty close. While some might say the sheer amount of reviews of the OG show tip the scales in its favor, it doesn’t. The extra run time for House Hunters definitely balances it out. That being said, the differences are negligible when comparing two of HGTV’s most beloved shows.

Does ‘House Hunters’ have other spin-offs?

It’s no secret. Sometimes spin-offs do better than the shows that inspired them. So what other shows has House Hunters inspired and how have they done?

House Hunters has laid the groundwork for an insane amount of original content. There have been over 14 shows based on the tried and true House Hunter format. House Hunters International was the first spin-off. It premiered in 2006, is ongoing, and has landed a 7.1/10 across 887 reviewers on IMDb. 92% of Google users love the show, meaning this spin-off may actually be a tiny bit better than both the original and Tiny House Hunters. 

There’s House Hunter Renovations which tosses home updates into the mix, changing the original format with an extra 30 minutes of runtime. The ongoing show debuted in 2012 and netted the love of 88% of Google users. It landed a 6.5/10 on IMDb, not great but not terrible. HGTV’s most recent addition is House Hunters Outside the Box which premiered in 2017. The show aired five episodes and vanished; guess they missed the mark with hat one.