Is Tom Brady Really a Cheater?

Tom Brady work out
Tom Brady often gets called a cheater | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

All eyes are on Tom Brady, as they should be. Brady will be quarterbacking for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, Atlanta, just like he always has. Well, he hasn’t played in every Super Bowl game but sure it does feel like it. He played in Super Bowls that occurred in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. At age 41, Brady has more Super Bowl games under his belt than every other team in the NFL.

Tom Brady receives some love

What’s not to love? This guy has done it all.

  • He didn’t lose his confidence when he was the sixth quarterback taken with the 199th pick by New England.
  • Brady is playing his best football ever and was the oldest player to lead the NFL in passing. (He’s 41!)
  • Tom Brady, on 34 different occasions, brought his team back into the game during the fourth quarter. OK, Peyton Manning did so a few more times, but Brady did it playing against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.
  • After winning his fifth Super Bowl title, the crew of sportscasters on NFL Total Access declared that Brady was the greatest quarterback of all time, especially if he wins another one.

Tom Brady receives plenty of hate, too

And, then there was Deflate-Gate. Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, who wrote a book about the deflation issue, say that Brady offered to pay a $1 million fine for allegedly being a part of the deflation of the footballs.

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, wanted Brady to publicly state that the Patriots’ equipment guys tampered with the footballs. Brady would not do so. Additionally, Tom Brady held to his story that he was not involved in the incident. But, instead of fighting the charge any longer, he sat out the first four games of 2016.

Brady’s cheating scandal enters a science fair 

Ace Davis, a ten-year-old student, won the science fair at his school when he allegedly proved that Tom Brady cheated. The young student did demonstrate that a bit of deflation made the chances of getting the football into the hands of a receiver easier, but not everyone believed that Brady should be labeled a cheater. Arguments that followed seemed to fall into two camps:T

The evidence against Brady

  • He knew the equipment guys were deflating the football and he did nothing about it.
  • He knew Bill Belichick head coach of New England) was taping other teams’ practices. (Spygate)
  • Brady’s trainer used off-limits supplements when working with Patriot’s wide-receiver, Julian Edelman.

How could he be a cheater and do things like:

  • Take less money for his pay so that the team can afford to keep players with contracts that were expiring, and lure free agents to join the team?
  • Be a loving father
  • Run from the spotlight
  • Be so consistent on the football field

What is Tom Brady’s future?

Brady, like everyone else on the planet, has made mistakes. Whether he initiated the football deflations or knew about specific wrongdoing on the part of other New England Patriots team members, there is still a substantial amount of success and hard work in which Brady deserves to revel.

As of today, Brady has not said whether he will continue to play football. If he does pursue his football career, he may surpass the record-holder for being the oldest quarterback in the league.  His regimen of eating a healthy diet; exercising regularly, and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle has kept him in remarkable shape despite the rigorous and ongoing wear and tear that comes with playing football.

Tom Brady’s fans are undoubtedly biting their fingernails as they await the Patriots’ battle for their LIII Super Bowl rings. Win or lose, New England’s and Tom Brady’s record of wins will stand on their own.