Is Tom Brady the Smartest QB in the NFL?

Tom Brady is one of the most famous football players of his generation. His high-profile career (combined with his sensational personal life that regularly makes tabloid headlines) has solidified his place in pop-culture history.

Many sportswriters and analysts believe that he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Brady’s key to success hasn’t been tied to any one particular element, but his business savvy and intellect has definitely played a role in getting him to where he is today. Read on to learn more about Tom Brady and how he’s been able to rise in the NFL ranks.

How did Tom Brady get started in football?

Tom Brady was born in 1977 to Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady, Sr, and three older sisters. As a young child, Brady attended numerous San Francisco 49ers games, where he started becoming fascinated with the sport of football. In high school, the athletic Brady got involved in both baseball and football, ultimately leaving baseball behind to attend the University of Michigan, which is where his football career really took off. 

Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the year 2000, and while his first season started off relatively slowly, in 2001, he became the lead quarterback for the Patriots. Since claiming his spot on the team, Brady has helped lead the New England Patriots to victory in six Super Bowls. Brady has also weathered his share of scandals during his time in football, including the infamous “deflate-gate,” which led to cheating accusations against Brady. He categorically denied the accusations and kept his focus on playing the best game that he could.

Tom Brady is incredibly intelligent

Quite a bit older than the average quarterback, Tom Brady has learned to level his advantages on the field. In a recent interview with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the coach laid out some reasons why he believes Brady has been so successful. Belichick stated that he believes Brady is blessed with great instincts, and that those, more than any natural athletic ability, have enabled him to rise to the top of his industry. He gave kudos to Brady for his “mental toughness,” and ability to always think strategically. Belichick said that Brady is intelligent enough to look at the field and process a large amount of information very quickly.

Brady might not be the strongest or the youngest player in the game, but he has been able to parlay his other skills into play, ultimately becoming one of the biggest football players of all time. It is very possible that Brady could be one of the smartest quarterbacks that the game of football has ever seen — he’s certainly got Bill Belichick’s ringing endorsement.

What’s next for Tom Brady?

At 42 years old, Tom Brady’s days in football are likely pretty limited. After all, it’s a dangerous game and Brady has suffered injuries in the past. While his age does not seem to be hurting the Patriots at this point, it could be that Brady is looking to the future and planning out his eventual exit from the game. 

In an interview he gave several years ago, Brady revealed that he has every intention of playing until he is well into his forties. Now that he is 42, Brady is quickly approaching that point in his life. Still, as he is healthy and fit, Brady might decide to keep playing past that cutoff point. Even if he did retire from playing the game, he probably wouldn’t leave football entirely. Brady would probably consider becoming a commentator or something of the sort.