Why Tom Holland Is Different From Other Marvel Stars

You can look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe from numerous perspectives when it comes to its influence and what it’s doing to change Hollywood in various ways. While one of the most significant is the influence Marvel/Disney is having on making sure franchise films dominate theaters (at the expense of smaller films), the MCU is also making actor bank accounts bigger.

Yes, had it not have been for Marvel, Robert Downey, Jr. and other top actors probably wouldn’t have made the Forbes list in the last few years.

One actor stands out in being wholly made thanks to Marvel. It’s Tom Holland who had few credits before being hired as an upstart as the new Spider-Man. Was this an anomaly, or will we see Marvel take a risk with unknowns again?

Being picked as Spider-Man was like winning the lottery

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

According to a recent profile on Tom Holland in GQ, he was chosen out of 7,000 candidates auditioning for the role of Spider-Man. Some of these contenders included respected acting names like Timothée Chalamet. Because Holland was able to do a backflip and show off his other physical skills, he managed to impress the skeptical Russo Brothers.

Even then, they were obviously taking a risk, outside of Holland basically fulfilling his own destiny. Some of you have probably seen the now ironic video of Holland at a British award show a couple of years before landing the Spider-Man part saying he wished he could play Spidey.

It was almost like he had visions he’d eventually play the part, maybe not so soon. Visualization probably helped him in his audition, not including being physically daring thanks to his former dance training (including in ballet).

Spider-Man has meant so much to Holland that nobody can even think about anyone else playing the role any time soon. As he says in his GQ interview, he’s only been able to keep his sanity doing the role thanks to forming valuable friendships and mentors from the Avengers cast.

Being self-made, can Holland survive the Marvel/Sony split?

Maybe it’s far too easy to crack jokes about Holland being the child in the middle of a giant corporate divorce. If you’ve done more than a few child custody jokes on social media, you’re not alone.

All reports have Holland going to Sony now to keep the Spider-Man franchise alive. He’s mentioned having meetings with plans to do something amazing no one’s seen before.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, though you can’t argue a major conglomerate split like this might have been a blessing in disguise to keep Spider-Man creative. The push is going to be on to make it better than ever rather than fall into complacency as it might have staying at Marvel.

Thanks to Holland proving himself, Sony should be happy he’s sticking by their side. In the above GQ interview, however, Holland notes he’s already branching out to other movie projects. He’ll have obvious longevity as an actor, even if he doesn’t play Spider-Man into his 40s or beyond.

Would Marvel try their hand at hiring another unknown as a major superhero?

Everyone knew Tom Holland was a rarity when it came to potential superstardom in one audition. Perhaps true, yet there’s still a lot of talent out there the world doesn’t know about at the moment.

Because we live in a more heightened pop culture universe, more people like Holland are probably waiting in the wings to land their big opportunity in a franchise movie. One could argue this takes away from starting in small films to carve a stellar acting name for one’s self. Nevertheless, Marvel is now like the true American Dream for every actor.

Good or bad, Marvel has already found new talent to play the youngest Marvel superheroes in Phase Four, with likely more to come. Scour videos online, and you might find one unknown currently predicting they’ll be a famous superhero on the big screen within the next three to five years.