Is Tori Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Friends With the Duggar Family?

TLC viewers have been keeping up with the Roloffs and Duggars for years. Little People, Big World started back in 2006 and chronicled the lives of Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple with dwarfism. Their son, Zach, who also has dwarfism, married Tori, who’s of average height, in more recent years — and she quickly became a fan favorite. As for the Duggar family, fans have been keeping up with them since 19 Kids and Counting — and now the oldest Duggar kids are marrying and starting families of their own.

Since both families are involved with the same network, it makes sense that they would cross paths once or twice. But now, fans are speculating that Tori Roloff might actually be friends with a few of the Duggar daughters. Here’s why.

Tori recently sent a message to Jessa Duggar after the pregnancy announcement

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, recently announced exciting news — and that’s that they’re officially expecting their third child in the spring. The conservative couple already have two sons, but they’ve stated in the past that, like Jessa’s mother and father, they’re open to having as many children as God will bless them with. While it’s no surprise that they’re adding another little one to the family, it’s exciting nonetheless.

It seems Tori Roloff is also happy to celebrate with Jessa and Ben. According to In Touch Weekly, Tori took to Jessa’s Instagram page to post a “Congratulations!” message after the big announcement. While it doesn’t appear that Jessa has responded to Tori at all, the comment didn’t go unnoticed by fans — and it reminded them of other comments Tori has left to the Duggars in the past.

Tori and Jinger Duggar have had multiple interactions online

Not only does Tori follow Jessa, but it seems she also followers Jinger (and probably others in the family as well). In Touch Weekly reports back in August, Jinger posted a sweet photo of her daughter, Felicity, to her Instagram. Tori then commented on the photo with a very personal response. “Congratulations, girl. Such a gift from God. I can tell you’re such a good mama! She’s perfect,” the Little People, Big World star added.

Jinger commented back to Tori, too. She wrote, “Thanks, Tori! Yes, we are indeed grateful to God for this precious gift!” And according to Romper, one eagle-eyed fan took to Reddit to say this was actually the third time they saw Tori reaching out to Jinger online — though it marks the first time Jinger commented back.

Fans don’t think Tori’s met the Duggars in real life — but they want the families to be friends

With all of Tori’s comments, could it be possible that the TLC families are actually friends in real life? Romper reports that fans on Reddit seem to think Tori’s never actually met the Duggars in real life. One fan theorized that they’re just friendly online because “they just know each other because of both having TLC shows. But I don’t even think they’ve actually met.”

Though viewers seem to assume the Roloffs and the Duggars aren’t really friends, they do seem to think Jinger and Tori in particular would make great buddies if they were to hang out. They’re both devout Christians navigating the world of reality TV while also raising young children, and fans think Tori would be a great influence on loosening Jinger up a bit. As one Reddit user jokes, “Tori swears and drinks wine. She’s the edgy Christian ™️ Jinger needs.”

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