Is Wendy Williams Already Dating Again?

Even though the ink is barely dry on the divorce papers, Wendy Williams is wasting no time putting herself out there and living her best life. Last week, it was revealed that Williams filed for divorce from her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter, following years of rumors and speculation about his alleged mistress. On the April 17th episode of her talk show, Williams opened up about some of the surprising phone calls she’s had, following the divorce bombshell.

What led Williams to divorce her husband?

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter tied the knot in 1997, but their union has been anything but blissful. Although publicly, Williams always claimed that she was in a happy marriage and very much in love with her husband, rumors have persisted that Hunter was not a faithful partner. Williams herself confirmed that he had cheated on her in the past, but that they had decided to work through things as a united pair. Recently, the couple started making headlines again, as tabloids reported that Hunter’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, had given birth to Hunter’s child.

Between the stress of the headlines and possible health issues, Williams started behaving erratically on her show and even took an extended leave of absence, which was mostly unexplained. In March 2019, she revealed that she had started struggling with addiction issues, and that seemed to create the catalyst for change in her life. On April 10th, headlines started reporting that Williams had served Hunter with divorce papers and that her longtime husband and manager would step down from his role on her TV show.

Who wants to take Williams to dinner?

Immediately following the divorce news, the normally silent Hunter released a statement, where he condemned his own actions and publicly apologized to his estranged wife. If he expected the statement to make a difference in the way Williams is proceeding, he will likely be disappointed. Wendy Williams has seemed better and happier than ever following the divorce filing and has been acting more like her “old self” on The Wendy Williams Show. She even opened up and admitted that she is doing so well that she would soon be leaving the sober house where she has been living for several months. 

On the April 17th show, Williams was especially chatty during her “Hot Topics” segment, where she admitted that she had gotten several unexpected phone calls the previous evening. First, she revealed that her show DJ, DJ Boof, called her to ask her out for dinner. Following that call, her old radio co-host, Charlamagne Tha God, reached out to her and asked about a possible dinner date. The communication with Charlamagne is especially startling, considering the longtime feud that her former co-host had with Kevin Hunter. It seems that with Hunter out of Williams’ life, she is able to reconnect with old friends and get to a healthier personal place

Williams concluded her revelations by stating that she also received an invitation to one of fashion icon Andre Leon Talley and comedian Sandra Bernhardt’s famous balls. She said that she would definitely be attending, and even invited members of her TV show staff to tag along. For the normally reticent Williams, who has admitted in the past that she prefers to stay at home and not socialize, this is big news indeed. 

When will Williams start dating again?

Although Williams seems to very much be enjoying life as a single woman, it isn’t known whether she is actually ready to date anyone seriously. After being in such a long relationship, she might want to relax and enjoy the single life for a while. Undoubtedly, in the coming weeks and months, fans will get to learn more about Williams’ plans for the future and the new life that she is creating for herself.