Is Wendy Williams Being Nice to Her Ex Just to Get Divorced Faster?

Divorce is messy. Especially when the reason behind the split is drama.

Considering just how sordid Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s history is, it falls under this bracket. Surprisingly though, Williams has been handling the situation very well. While many couples sling mud during the months proceeding a divorce, the beloved talk show host has been playing nice; a little too nice.

After all, given their history, no one would be surprised if she threw just a bit of mud. But there might be a method to her madness. Is Williams just speaking nicely on Hunter’s behalf to push the divorce proceedings into overdrive?

Recap: Kevin Hunter’s affair

Wendy Williams appears on Watch What Happens Live
Wendy Williams | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Earlier this year Hunter’s relationship with mistress Sharina Hudson made headlines once again. Williams had to take some time off of her show for health reasons. When she returned, fans pushed her to speak on Hunter’s cheating ways. During the segment, Williams maintained that she would stick by her man. She brandished her wedding ring and talked about the earlier days in their relationship.

Williams ended things by requesting the public to keep their concerns about their marriage to themselves.

So what exactly did Hunter do? Well, a lot. Hunter maintained a relationship with Hudson for over a decade. He brought her a $765,000 home just 10 miles from the one he shared with Williams. Apparently, he even purchased Hudson a ring, definitely making her a step up from the basic side chick.

Williams was completely aware of the infidelity and also permitted Hunter to see his lady on the side. There was only one condition he had to abide by — do not get her pregnant.

Well, you know what he did then. Hudson gave birth to a baby in March. Williams put in for a divorce the following month. It looks like Williams wasn’t any playing any games after all.  

Williams is already looking for her next beau

Perhaps its because Williams clocked out many moons ago. Or maybe it’s because Williams isn’t the type to cry over spilled milk. Whatever the reason, Williams made it a point to put herself back on the market just months after filing for a divorce! She isn’t just going for any man though; she has a specific type in mind. So what’s this talk show hosts’ dream guy like?

During an interview with Fox 5, Williams shared that she is looking for a full-grown man between 48 and 55 who is “very employed” and of course mature. No young children as she’s been out of that game for a long time, plus her busy schedule doesn’t leave her time for raising babies.

Oh, and by the way…Williams is already dating someone! She landed herself a doctor that drives her crazy in a good way. BUT he isn’t the only guy on her plate either. Williams has admitted that she’s dating many many men, so this doctor fellow is really only the tip of the iceberg!

Is Wendy Williams being nice to help finalize the divorce?

According to Page Six, Williams has been playing nice with Hunter. While she has dropped him as her hubby and as the executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, she’s been careful about what she says about him to the media. Despite having all the reason to bad mouth him, Williams has maintained that she still has love for Hunter. She also said he will always have a place in her family.

An insider recently opened up to PageSix and said all the niceties are a tactic to get Hunter to finalize the divorce sooner than later. 

“Wendy is playing nice so that he can sign the divorce papers and she can move on with her new, single life.” – Unnamed Source

Given all that Hunter has put her through over the past decade, she could probably dish out some pretty crazy insults. But given the messy nature of divorces, her tactic makes perfect sense! After all, the only people divorce truly make happy are the lawyers who have a hand in the official split.