Is Wendy Williams Dating a Convicted Felon?

Wendy Williams’ love life has been in the media for months. And not for the best reasons.

For years, there have been speculations that Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter had been cheating on her.

During all of the stress of her relationship, Williams even checked herself into a sober house.

“For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house,” she told her audience on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this year. “And you know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past. And I never went to a place to get the treatment. I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped.”

But she stayed with her husband for as long as she could and defended him when anyone asked.

“Anybody who’s been married for five minutes or 500 years, you know marriages have ebbs and flows. Marriages are not easy,” she once said on her show. “Don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone,” she said pointing to her wedding ring.

It wasn’t until after her husband allegedly had a baby with his mistress that Williams finally called it quits and ended her marriage of over 20 years.

Does Williams have a new man?

Since splitting from Hunter, the two’s relationship hasn’t gotten any less tumultuous. But Williams appears to have moved on.

“I am working on my divorce pleasantly,” she said on her showon May 14. “I am a single woman, running around New York. I go out a lot, I’m a good time girl I like to have fun.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, but I must admit I am rediscovering my love of men,” she continued. “I do date and I date pretty often.”

She first sparked rumors of a new romance when she began posting a mystery man to her social media accounts.

“Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people,” she captioned a picture of her with a man’s arm around her. “Thank you, California! You’ve won me over! I’ll be back for the Hip Hop Festival in August !#92.3 #oldenoughtobeyourmother  #verysexyman#mynewlife.”

So, who is this mystery man who is young enough to be Williams’ son?

Who is Williams dating?

The man in the photo has been identified as Marc Tomblin, who is a 27-year-old convicted felon, financial investor, and blogger.

In 2013, Tomblin was convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering, according to Bossip.

He served fifteen months for those charges and was released in 2015.

But all of this is no news to Williams, who claims to have known all about Tomblin’s run-ins with the law.

“I am a 54-year-old grown ass woman,” she told TMZ of the situation. “I know what I’m doing.”

Despite his past, Williams is having fun and enjoying herself with her new boo.

“Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years… where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life,” she said.