Is Wendy Williams’ Husband Trying to Apologize With a New Expensive Watch?

Talk show host Wendy Williams has been through a lot in the past few months. The “Queen of All Media,” whose career has spanned radio and television for the past 25 years, has been dealing with rumors for a long time about her husband’s alleged infidelity. Lately, the rumblings have grown louder than ever, and it seems like there might actually be some truth to them – especially considering that Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, just purchased what could be a very expensive apology gift.

The history behind Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter

Williams met Kevin Hunter in the mid-’90s when she was already an established radio personality. Although Hunter was several years younger than Williams, they hit it off quickly and were married in November 1997. Hunter became Williams’ manager and started to get heavily involved in all of her business dealings. Although they struggled with infertility, Williams gave birth to the couple’s son in 2000.

Kevin Hunter has been unfaithful to Williams in the past, which she openly admitted in her biography, Wendy’s Got the Heat. She didn’t give specifics about what happened, only stated that ultimately, she chose to forgive Hunter and that they would move past what happened as a unit. Unfortunately, it seems as though Hunter strayed from his marriage vows even after that incident. For many years, there has been a long-standing rumor, not confirmed by either Hunter or Williams, that Hunter has been keeping a mistress named Sharina Hudson. They have been spotted together on several occasions, and reportedly, even have a house together. 

Something is troubling Wendy Williams

The Sharina Hudson story got a twist when it was reported in late March that she had just given birth to her and Kevin Hunter’s baby. The media went crazy and started plastering stories about Williams and Hunter all over the internet. While the baby news remains unconfirmed, something is certainly taking a toll on Wendy Williams’ health and wellbeing.

In late December, she took a lengthy hiatus from her talk show, which in itself was very unusual for her, as she often proclaimed proudly that she never missed work for any reason. The official statement led fans to believe that Williams was simply taking time off to deal with Graves disease, an autoimmune condition from which she has long suffered. However, upon her return to the show in early March, she revealed to the world that she was living in a sober house in order to deal with her problems with addiction. 

Hunter bought an expensive gift

Whatever the real truth of the situation, Wendy Williams is standing by her man. She indirectly addressed the rumors on her show and stated that while marriages have ebbs and flows, and certainly aren’t easy, people shouldn’t ask her about her marriage until they see her wedding ring missing from her finger.

Williams might soon have another fancy jewelry item to wear in addition to her wedding ring. On April 2nd, it was reported that Kevin Hunter visited an exclusive jewelry store to purchase a fabulous jewel-encrusted watch valued at $40,000. While the watch is said to be a custom piece, it is not known whether he purchased the watch as an apology gift for his wife, or for Sharina Hudson.

When asked about Williams, Hunter responded that she was doing fine, but wouldn’t comment beyond that, nor give any insight as to the state of their marriage. Whether the watch is for Williams or a push present for Hudson, only time will tell – eagle-eyed viewers will certainly be keeping an eye on Williams’ wrist to see if she’s wearing it when she returns to film all-new episodes of her show on April 8th.