Is Wendy Williams Quietly Crying Out for Help?

Wendy Williams has had a long career in show business. She first got her show hosting radio and quickly made a name for herself. Eventually, she worked her way up the ranks and got her own talk show, which has been on the air for 10 years now.

But recently, Williams had been in the news for some very real issues.

Williams stepped away from her show this year

Williams had an admittedly hard 2018. She ended the year on a rough note and apologized to fans for her show not being up to par. Williams had suffered a broken arm earlier in the year and fainted on set while taping her Halloween show. She later said that she was dehydrated because of her hot, bulky costume.

The talk show host promised a better 2019, but when her scheduled premiered date of January 7 rolled around, Williams was not there. Williams wasn’t there on January 21 either. Williams eventually returned but had to leave shortly after for an extended return.

Williams finally returned from her extended break in March 2019. She said that she felt better after the break and she would not be taking such a break again. On March 19, the talk show host revealed that she had been spending time in a sober house

The trouble keeps coming

Things haven’t been easy for Williams over the past couple of weeks. In addition to her health problems, there have been rumors swirling that the talk show host’s husband, Kevin Hunter got another woman pregnant.

Williams chose not to address the rumors that her husband’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson was set to deliver a baby soon. But it looks like the birth of the child triggered a relapse from the troubled star.

Hudson recently gave birth to a child, but it is yet to be confirmed who the father of the baby is. The news of Hudson’s delivery seems to have hit Williams pretty hard. Sources say that after she heard the news Williams disappeared from the studio. Those close to her were in a panic to find her. Apparently, Williams had checked herself out from her sober house and picked up some alcohol on her way home. She was found drunk and rushed to the hospital where she received treatment.

Is the talk show host crying out for help?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Williams’ recent struggles have caused the media and those close to her to question everything going on in her life, including her relationship with her husband. During a recent show, Williams discussed allegations that Dr. Dre beat former journalist Dee Barnes. She then asked the audience “What kind of man beats a woman?” She followed that up with a very long glaze over her shoulder. She then asked, “And what kind of men stand around and see this happen and not break it up…?” This was followed by another long gaze and a “hmm.”

Williams’ words and actions have led many to ask, “Is Wendy Williams crying out for help?” Is she suggesting that she herself is a victim of abuse? A source told Page Six recently, “She seems so frail and vulnerable. It’s frightening just how completely under Kevin’s control Wendy is…But she won’t hear a word against him. Those close to her are terrified something awful is going to happen. She comes to the set looking terrible.” Wendy’s husband has a prominent role on the show, so it could be why she asked who could just stand around and watch it happen.

Will Wendy Williams leave her show?

With Williams’ recent health issues, does this mean an end is near for her show? Apparently, there has been talk about finding a replacement for the host. Nick Cannon helped fill in for her on her break, and sources say people at the show want him to stick around. One source says, “We all want Nick to replace Wendy. He has been an absolute dream. Everyone on the team adores him and he’s such a professional.” But Cannon is having nothing to do with the rumors. The comedian posted on Instagram, “Nobody can replace Wendy!!! There is and will only be one Wendy Williams!”