Is Wendy Williams Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

Wendy Williams just keeps making headlines. The popular talk show host returned to her show on April 8 after a one-week hiatus, which was much-discussed by fans and media alike.

On her first show back from the break, Williams was able to dispel some of the rumors regarding her time away and also sent a silent signal that she is still standing by her husband in spite of the continuing rumors about his alleged mistress.

What did Williams do while on break?

As was widely reported in the news, Wendy Williams admitted in March that she’s living in a sober house in order to better deal with her substance abuse issues. During an emotional statement on her show, Williams revealed that she stays at the house in the evenings following the taping on her long-running talk show.

She also called her housemates “family,” and said that before her announcement, only her husband had known about her living situation.

On April 8, leading into her “Hot Topics” segment on the show, Williams said that she spent the previously-planned hiatus doing a rather surprising activity. Rather than spending the break in an expensive spa or luxurious resort, Williams went camping with some of her housemates from the sober living facility.

She raved about how fond she is of her friends from the sober home and revealed that during their trip, she went to a 24-hour Walmart and took pictures with fans, who were no doubt thrilled to see the talk show host in such an unexpected location.

Is Williams still with her husband?

While Williams did address some of the rumors regarding her friends at the sober house, one subject that Williams didn’t address verbally was that of her relationship with her husband, Kevin Hunter. For months, Williams has been dealing with persistent headlines claiming that Hunter has been involved with a long-term mistress named Sharina Hudson. Recently, it was reported that Hudson gave birth to her and Hunter’s baby, a situation that shocked and alarmed Williams’ fanbase. 

Although Wendy Williams has not confirmed or denied the rumors about Hunter’s mistress or their alleged baby, she did give a statement in March regarding her feelings towards her husband. She spoke out and said that she is standing by Hunter and that while all marriages have their ups and downs, people shouldn’t ask her about the status of her marriage until they see her wedding ring missing from her finger.

If what Williams says is true, their marriage is still in good standing. During her quick trip to Walmart, eagle-eyed fans were able to spot her huge wedding ring still on her finger.

Of course, it is always possible that she is only wearing the ring to try and save face and prevent fan inquiry.

What is next for Wendy Williams?

It is unlikely that this is the end of the story for Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter. While some reports suggest that Williams is actually planning a strategic separation from Hunter, nothing concrete has been confirmed. If Williams is thinking about splitting from her husband, it would likely affect her work commitments in a big way.

In addition to being her husband of over two decades, Hunter is also Williams’ manager and business partner. A divorce would not only mean upheaving her personal life but would also mean a complete restructuring of her show, which has already suffered a great deal over Williams’ absence and personal issues over the past few months.

Although fans are hopeful that better days are ahead for Wendy Williams, no one really knows how the coming months will unfold. Hopefully she will be able to find some peace and comfort in both her personal and professional life.