Is Wendy Williams Trying to Get Back With Her Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams has been on an incredible journey so far this year. The talk show host has revealed her struggles with addiction, committed herself to a rehab facility, and addressed the rumors about her cheating husband head-on by initiating a much-buzzed-about divorce. Williams has been documenting her new single life on her talk show, letting her “co-hosts” in on her new reality in her typical unfiltered manner.

What has Wendy Williams been doing since the divorce?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

When it was revealed that Williams was divorcing her husband in April 2019, the tabloids had a field day. Williams had long proclaimed that she would never divorce her husband and stated that all marriages go through rough patches. However, once the news of Kevin Hunter’s alleged new baby with longtime mistress Sharina Hudson, Williams reached her breaking point.

If anything, breaking it off with Hunter has given Williams a new lease on life. The talk show host has taken control of her career and relieved Hunter of his duties as executive producer of the Wendy Williams Show, and moved into a stunning new bachelorette pad in New York City. She has also been spending a great deal of time with her young son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., and hanging out with the rest of her family and friends. Altogether, Williams seems much happier and healthier following her divorce from Hunter. 

The divorce proceedings have not been without drama – reports keep popping up that state Hunter is trying to make life difficult for his ex-wife, even reportedly demanding child support payments in spite of the fact that their son is over eighteen years of age. Most recently, Hunter, Jr. made headlines for getting into a fight with his father that is said to be over his treatment of young Kevin’s mother. In spite of everything, Williams has been showing up for work and leading her show with charm, wit, and her signature humor.

Is Wendy Williams dating her ex-husband Kevin Hunter?

Recently on the Wendy Williams Show, the outspoken host revealed that she is dating, and often. “I’ve rediscovered my love of men,” Williams admitted with a sly smile. She claimed that she would continue to date often and that she was very much enjoying life as a newly single woman. While she didn’t reveal the names of any of the men she was considering as a potential new boyfriend, one blogger has identified a very surprising possible candidate.

Tasha K, a popular video blogger, spoke out recently to say that she believes Williams is romantically involved with Hunter on the sly. Tasha K’s theory is that Williams is seeing Hunter in private so as not to appear fickle on her talk show and that she has no intention of actually breaking things off with Hunter.

Wendy Williams keeps it real with her fans

Needless to say, Williams has not confirmed this theory with any news source or spoken about it on her talk show. It seems likely that Tasha K’s remarks are pure speculation, as Williams has seemed better than ever after her divorce, in spite of all the drama.

In any case, if Williams was actually seeing Hunter, she would likely let her fans in on it. She has been transparent with her viewers up to this point, even revealing to them that she lived in a sober house in order to take control of her sobriety. While the coming months will reveal the truth of Tasha K’s allegations, for the time being, there is no real reason to suspect that Wendy Williams is straying from her impending divorce from Kevin Hunter.