Is Zendaya Dating Her ‘Euphoria’ Co-Star?

Zendaya is surely busy preparing for upcoming projects such as the second season of Euphoria, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from stirring about her love life. A recent spotting seems to link the 23-year-old actress with the actor who plays the villainous Nate Jacobs on Euphoria. Could Zendaya be dating her fellow Euphoria star, Jacob Elordi?

Zendaya on the red carpet
Zendaya | David Livingston/Getty Images

Who is Jacob Elordi?

Elordi is a 22-year-old actor from Australia. Before Euphoria, he was most known for starring in the Netflix film, The Kissing Booth. He will also star in the sequel, aptly-titled, The Kissing Booth 2.

In Euphoria, he portrays one of the most controversial characters on the show. His character, Nate, is constantly at odds with the lead character, Rue (Zendaya).

On his roles in both The Kissing Booth and Euphoria, Elordi said, “It’s two completely different experiences. The Kissing Booth was the first film I ever made — it was sort of my ticket to Hollywood, so I was really grateful for that. It’s almost like righting my wrongs a little bit too, because the character in The Kissing Booth is awful and it’s never really explained. He’s kind of idolized and made into a hero, so I suppose this show is showing why.”

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Zendaya and Jacob Elordi go to the movies

According to US Weekly, Zendaya and Elordi were spotted at the movies in Los Angeles. Someone who was at the Sherman Oaks Galleria told the magazine, “It was just the two of them out together. Jacob looked like he was trying to be incognito, wearing a hat that covered his face.”

The source added, “At one point, they were walking with each other and being a little flirty.” Zendaya is said to have been holding popcorn as they walked into the theater together.

Who has Zendaya dated in the past?

While Zendaya has really never gone public on any relationship, she has been romantically linked to numerous public figures, including Trevor Jackson, Odell Beckham Jr., and her Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland.

In a 2017 Vogue interview, Zendaya spoke about breaking up with her “first love,” her boyfriend of four years. “It wasn’t a good ending…You know you’re OK in a breakup when your first thought is not, ‘What did I do wrong?’ It’s, ‘That was the dumbest decision of your life, and you’re going to regret it forever.'” Many have assumed that Jackson is the boyfriend she was speaking of.

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Before Elordi, most recently and notably, romantic rumors persisted about Holland and Zendaya. Though the stars have insisted they are just friends, it has never stopped fans from making up their own theories.

Zendaya and Elordi will be seen together on the small screen again once Euphoria‘s second season premieres in 2020.