Is Issa Rae Engaged? –Here’s What We Know About Her Alleged Fiancé Louis Diame

Since she first burst on to the scene with her iconic web series, Awkward Black GirlIssa Rae has been showering us with laughs and prompting thoughtful discussions about race, class, gender and sex. Though the writer, producer, and director gave us a small window into her life with her memoirs The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl –the Insecure creator has been able to keep much of her personal life under wraps.

Now –rumors are buzzing that the Little actress is about to tie the knot with her long-time beau, Louis Diame. This is why everyone is convinced that Issa Rae is engaged.

Is Issa Rae engaged?

Issa Rae just stunned on the April cover of Essence Magazine. The Los Angeles native was shot in a series of stunning photos in New Orleans by photographer Itaysha Jordan. In her feature –Rae talks about the advice she’s gotten from her idols and how she’s learned to navigate Hollywood. Rae posted the gorgeous cover of herself posing in a stunning white ensemble against a brick wall– on her Instagram account saying,

Four years ago, when all I had was a web series and a book, @Essence put me on my first cover with four incredible women I look up to: Ava, Mara, Shonda and Ms. Debbie. It was their “Game Changers” issue and I kept thinking, “I can’t believe they chose me.” That cover meant so much to me because it validated my work on a platform I respected AND it was a nurturing recognition of promise, a promise that I didn’t necessarily see in myself at the time. Four years later — entering the fourth season of my TV show, and shooting my fourth movie in New York — they honored me with this solo cover. Thank you, Essence, for helping me to deliver on that promise you saw years ago, and changing the game for me. 

However, many fans can’t stop talking about a certain sparkler on The Hate U Give actress’ ring finger. Rae appeared on her Instagram stories a few hours later thanking everyone involved with Eseence while wearing the same ring on her finger. There have been rumors that Rae and her long-time beau, Louis Dimae have been engaged before, but she has never confirmed anything. In April 2018 she told Marie Claire that she keeps a low profile when it comes to her love life because, “the one thing I don’t need feedback on is who I’m sleeping with.”

Who is Issa Rae’s alleged fiancé, Louis Diame?

Louis Diame is a Senegalese businessman who has been featured on a small sprinkling of red carpets along with Issa Rae. Though Rae mentioned a long-time boyfriend in her book, The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl, she has never discussed her relationship with Diame in an interview or even mentioned him publically at all.

For all we know Rae and Diame could have already tied the knot, and we would never know it –and honestly considering how transparent Rae is with her professional life, we don’t blame her at all for wanting to keep her personal life sacred.

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