Final Trailer for ‘It: Chapter Two’ Promises Blood, Desperation, and Endings

Make no mistake, Pennywise is not into taking extended vacations in Derry, Maine, and the latest trailer for It: Chapter Two shows he likes to hold grudges too. If you hate clowns—whether they’re murderous or not—save yourself the torture of watching the creepy clip.

But if you are in it with the Losers Club and Pennywise for the long haul, come what may, then feel free to stick around. Unlike the first It: Chapter Two trailer which provided a peek into Pennywise’s history and some giggles with a naked old lady, this one drips with horror. Proceed if you must.

Scene from It Chapter Two
Scene from It Chapter Two | Warner Bros. Pictures

The red-headed monster still has a taste for children

It doesn’t matter if you experienced Georgie’s death in Stephen King’s novel or in either of the other It movies, the whole thing was mortifying. We know that Pennywise does not have an age preference when it comes to killing people, but can the Losers Club stop It from going after anyone for good this time?

Knowing that people have difficulty stomaching the deaths of children in horror films (um, the latest Pet Sematary and Halloween films come to mind), the thought of Pennywise terrorizing little ones again is scary on its own. Things get intense in one scene when the clown freak and James McAvoy’s Bill both try to reach a terrified kid. Prepare to bite your nails:

Red balloons, glazed eyes, darkness, and blood haunt the trailer which features Pennywise declaring what drives his evil thirst. As mentioned before, It has a long memory that stretches back to each character’s childhood. “For 27 years, I dreamt of you. I craved you. I missed you.” Ew. As IndieWire points out, Chapter Two sees the gang coming back to Derry to fight the menace that surfaces like clockwork every 27 years.

Who will be a part of the second chapter

The cast includes Bill Hader as Richie, Jessica Chastain as Beverly, Jay Ryan as Ben, James Ransone as Eddie, Isaiah Mustafa (of Old Spice commercial fame), and Bill Skarsgård as IT. The child cast from 2017’s It will also be returning to help connect the dots in this story. Adult Stanley, who is played by Andy Bean, will play a big role in mobilizing his friends to act.  

If you got the chance to see the first trailer, then you know Pennywise’s human life will be explored. But what shall we make of Skarsgård’s scratched-up, bloody face in this new one? Whatever is underneath that clown makeup deserves to be called “It.”

As fans await It: Chapter Two’s release on September 6, it’s been revealed that Warner Bros. shared footage of the film during Comic-Con in San Diego this week. CinemaBlend reports that McAvoy said the fun house scene was particularly disturbing for him to film since he’s not a fan of clowns or halls of mirrors. We understand. And Chastain shared that Chapter Two is way more bloodier than the first. Ick.

Fans are loving that the trailer is frightening without being too revealing, but they can’t wait for the gore and scares. Watch it to find out if It: Chapter Two will be the FINAL chapter.