It Doesn’t Sound Like Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Over Tristan Thompson Anytime Soon

The alleged Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods affair scandal is now in a progressed state where the public has probably tired of obsessing over it. For Khloé Kardashian, it’s a different story considering it affects her much more dramatically. After all, when you’ve had a child with your significant other, you don’t want this to turn into a Scott Disick situation that made Kourtney Kardashian’s life a recent mess.

We all hope Kourtney and Khloé can find peace in their lives like Kim finally has. However, how long will it take for Khloé to get over this Tristan Thompson scandal?

It’s still up in the air on how it’ll be resolved. Evidence shows she’s not moving on from it quite yet.

Throwing out hints on social media

You know a celebrity doesn’t want to elaborate on a controversial problem when they talk cryptically on social media. For legal cases, this can bring major trouble. When it’s a personal family issue, it can cause just as many problems since millions read the Kardashian social accounts obsessively every day.

Khloé recently posted on her accounts and made some offhanded references to her boyfriend’s possible affair with Jordyn Woods. Rather than make it obvious, she posted more inspirational quotes to focus on how it’s affecting her psychologically.

When you see the quotes and other words she posted, you’ll see how reality can catch up with people involved in reality shows. This also gives us evidence of how much pain goes on under the surface with the Kardashians when scandals of this magnitude become scrutinized by the masses.

Some thoughtful quotes from Khloé

While we all think of the Kardashians as being superficial in the realm of showbiz, they’re all maturing quickly after experiencing the darkest corners of life. Khloé’s postings on Twitter and Instagram show a wisdom there anybody can use when dealing with a significant other cheating on them.

One quote by her says it all:

“Everybody always asks if you have a career, if you’re married, if you have children. As if life was some kind of grocery list. No one ever asks if we’re happy.”

Many of her messages denote how she’s forced to keep on going and looking happy in front of the cameras when there’s obviously plenty of overwhelming heartbreak.

These quotes were all precipitated from Tristan Thompson turning 28 and Khloé being triggered by his birthday. You also can’t help but think she realizes how important it is for her daughter (True) to have a good father.

How this affects True could be even more psychologically damaging

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Even though Keeping Up with the Kardashians permeates TV and other media, the reality show format easily dilutes the reality of how the participants truly feel inside. We’re starting to see more subtle evidence of how the show forces the Kardashian sisters to do things they maybe don’t want to participate in.

For instance, we’ve seen Kourtney Kardashian show outward shame about being a part of the family and exploiting personal issues through KUWTK.

Khloé may be starting to feel the same way, despite her and Kourtney being bound by a contract through their mother, Kris.

With Khloé’s daughter, True, we have to wonder how this affects her as she grows up in the public eye and maybe won’t have her dad around every day.

Tristan Thompson seems like he wants the scandal to go away

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian | Michael Tullberg/WireImage

Scandals of this magnitude don’t settle overnight. However, with our news cycle already being overwhelming, the public probably hasn’t continued to dwell on it.

For Tristan Thompson, it seems he’s a bit lost. Rumors of him suddenly dating model Karizma Ramirez were shot down recently, leaving the door open to reconciliation with Khloé.

Time usually does heal things like this. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another scandal from another family member to completely cleanse the Thompson story from everyone’s minds.