It Doesn’t Sound Like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are Breaking up Anytime Soon

Kylie Jenner might have had a dramatic start to the year, but her personal life appears to be calming down. Following the dissolution of her friendship with Jordyn Woods, the beauty mogul reportedly had some serious issues with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, after she found some flirtatious messages between him and several fangirls on his Instagram. Here’s a recap of what the past few months have brought Jenner and Scott and also what happened to mend fences between the young couple.

Why Jenner was having trouble trusting Scott

Jenner and Scott had a whirlwind romance that led to their daughter, 1-year old Stormi Webster. While Jenner and Scott are both reportedly smitten with their daughter, they are both young superstars with empires to run. Jenner, who was recently named the world’s youngest billionaire, is very busy managing her Kylie Cosmetics makeup company. Scott, meanwhile, is an acclaimed rapper, who recently set out on a world tour that kept him away from his family for a good portion of the time.

It was the separation during his tour that reportedly led to trouble between the pair. Several reports claimed that after Jenner found incriminating evidence on Scott’s phone, she confronted the rapper, who assured her that he had never cheated on her. They stayed together after the dramatic confrontation, but it seems like Jenner might have remained concerned about Scott’s intentions for a while. For his part, the rapper did everything he could to soothe her fears, including giving her public shout outs from the stage of his shows. Jenner probably remained aloof, considering she was also dealing with the fallout of losing her best friend, Jordyn Woods, following the confirmation of her infidelity with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

Their family vacation brought them together

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In late March, Jenner, Scott, and baby Stormi headed on a tropical Mexico vacation. The intention of the getaway was likely to spend some time in seclusion with their daughter, but it seems like they were able to fix any lingering problems with their relationship as well. A recent report claims that following the vacation, Jenner and Scott are both in a really good place with each other, and were able to enjoy plenty of quality time away from the flash of the paparazzi bulbs.

According to the same report, Scott is committed to spending more time at home with Jenner and Stormi rather than out on the road. It is likely that more time together will only bring the couple even closer together.

Could they welcome a second baby soon?

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Amidst the reports earlier this year that Scott and Jenner were experiencing turmoil in their relationship, one specific rumor emerged: that Kylie Jenner was pregnant with the couple’s second child. While neither Scott nor Jenner have confirmed nothing, the young makeup mogul has inadvertently been fueling the stories.

Jenner has posted a number of snaps on her Instagram that feature baby Stormi being exceptionally clingy. Some experts believe that young children can sense pregnancy even before the mother herself knows, so fans were quick to jump to the assumption that Jenner was pregnant. She’s also gone live on her social media, talking about other favorite baby names. So while there might not be anything to announce at the moment, there’s no doubt that Jenner has babies on the brain. 

Whether or not there will be a new Jenner-Scott baby announcement sometime this year remains to be seen. Fans can follow along with the brand new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to keep an eye out for any clues.