It Doesn’t Sound Like Wendy Williams Will Miss Working With Her Ex-Husband At All

Alright guys! It has finally happened. Remember earlier this year when Wendy Williams said she was going to stick by her man, Kevin Hunter, no matter what? Well, she dropped the fool and has finally decided to put her own life ahead of the existence of her marriage.

Fans, colleagues, friends, and anybody who has kept up with the drama couldn’t be happier for the prolific talk show host.

What’s better? William doesn’t seem to be regretting her decision in the slightest. A sign that she’s finally taken her life (and her show) by the horns and out of Hunter’s hands. 

Recap: Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter drama

Wendy Williams on the set of Watch What Happens Live
Wendy Williams | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Before we get into the show, let’s take a look at the drama that unfolded between Williams and her long-time now ex-hubby, Hunter. The two were together 28 years; they spent 25 of those years married. With that many years in, it’s no surprise that some problems arose. The issue was the type of problem that plagued their relationship — infidelity. 

Hunter had been leading a double life, one where he juggled his longtime wife alongside a mistress. But it wasn’t a one night stand; maybe if it were, it would have been easier to stomach. According to sources, Hunter was involved with Sharina Hudson for over a decade — a.k.a. half of his marriage! Not just that though, he also apparently purchased her a $765,000 home to live in only 10 miles away from the one he shared with Williams.

As if cheating isn’t already a big enough betrayal, Hudson also has a ring on her finger and a child in his name. News about Hunter’s infidelity may have reared its ugly head this year, but it isn’t the first time given how long he’s been cheating. Word of his mistress also his the tabloids back in 2000, right after Williams gave birth to their son! What a mess.

Wendy Williams doesn’t miss Kevin Hunter

The next season of The Wendy Williams Show is shaping up to be a little different. Why? After filing for divorce from her cringe-worthy ex, Williams also took him off of payroll. A massive loss for Hunter considering he used to be an executive producer on the show.

During good times, it must have been great being able to go to work together. But now that their relationship has exploded, it would have been hell having to see each other every day! But, will Williams miss having her ex-beau on the show? It certainly doesn’t sound like it.

Without Hunter on the show, who has been involved since the show dropped in 2008, William and her whole crew really get a fresh start.

“The Wendy show staff is relieved and happy to be returning to work without Kevin Sr. there. Several of them felt the set was so tense and difficult, and once Wendy decided to leave him, everyone was happier and lighter — including Wendy.” – An insider / HollywoodLife

The insider went on to say that there is utterly different energy on set now that Williams has tossed her relationship with Hunter out the window. It looks like the “Queen of all Media” will be taking her life AND the beloved talk show in the positive direction it’s deserved to go in for all these years. 

When did ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ go back on the air?

Last month fans were worried that the long-running show would be coming to a close. Thankfully the whispers on the grapevine were nothing but lies, but they weren’t entirely unfounded. Williams’ rough year made people think the show might just be pulled as she wasn’t able to deliver like she usually did due to health and relationship issues.

The station renewed the show for two more seasons and it kicked off its 11th season on September 16th with a brand new Williams sitting in the hosting chair. That means fans can look forward to seeing Williams smiling face on Fox at the very least until 2022!