It Looks Like Jinger Duggar Is Spending Another Christmas Away From Her Family

It doesn’t look like Jinger Duggar will be spending Christmas with her family.

In an Instagram Story shared on Dec. 18, the Counting On star revealed that her in-laws are visiting Los Angeles. That seems to suggest that Jinger, her husband Jeremy, and daughter Felicity won’t be heading back to Arkansas to spend time with her parents and siblings. If that’s the case, it will be the fourth year in a row that the 25-year-old has opted not to travel back to her family’s home for the holiday. 

Jinger Duggar prepares for her in-laws’ visit

Jinger Duggar and Felicity
Jinger Duggar with her daughter | jingervuolo via Instagram

In the update, Jinger showed off a door displaying a “Welcome GMA & GPA” sign. In an Instagram Story from Dec. 19, we see her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s parents spending time with their granddaughter Felicity. 

Previously, Jinger gave fans a peek at her holiday decorations while Jeremy posted about the family’s trip to cut down a Christmas tree. It seems that the couple are all about getting into the holiday spirit in their new California home. Jinger and Jeremy relocated to the Golden State from Laredo, Texas, earlier in 2019. 

Jinger hasn’t spent Christmas with her family for several years 

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A winter wonderland!

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If Jinger does stay in California for the Christmas holiday, it will be the fourth year in a row when she didn’t celebrate with her family. Last year, she and Jeremy spent the day with his family, with Jinger sharing multiple photos of their time with her in-laws. 

In 2017, she and her husband spent Christmas Eve in Laredo, according to Inquisitr, before traveling to Pennsylvania to spend time with his parents. Both Jinger and Jeremy posted on social media about seeing the sights in Philadelphia after the holiday. 

Jinger and Jeremy’s first Christmas together took place shortly after their marriage in 2016. That year, the couple also celebrated with Jeremy’s parents, according to a post on his Facebook.

Is there a rift between Jinger and her parents? 

If Jinger spends another holiday away from her family, it could add fuel to the rumors that there is a rift between her and her parents. Some have speculated that she is about to denounce the ultra-conservative ministry that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have ties to. The reality TV star’s decision to move to L.A. as well as her choice to wear pants when Duggar women have traditionally worn skirts and dresses are seen as evidence of a breach.  

However, Jinger still appears to be close with her family, though they may not spend major holidays together. Her parents and some of her siblings have visited her in California, and she often mentions them on social media, as in a recent Instagram post wishing her younger sister Jordyn happy birthday. She’s also said that she stays in touch with her family “all the time.” They even have a family group message to share news and photos. 

“[P]ictures, videos, whatever’s going on in our lives, we send that back and forth, and then we try to FaceTime and do phone calls, text messages whenever we can,” she said in an Instagram Q&A. “They come visit us, we come visit them every couple months.”

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