It’s ‘A Possibility’ That Fans See Less of Milo Ventimiglia on ‘This Is Us’ in the Future

The flashbacks and fast-forwards on This Is Us have been truly enlightening in learning more about the trajectory of the Pearson family. At the center of it all is Jack Pearson who we all know as being equal parts troubled and also one of the greatest family men in the TV universe.

Thanks to the acting talents of the This Is Us cast, all of the characters are always believable, as is Milo Ventimiglia as Jack. Even though it seems we know everything there is to know about Jack, we keep flashing back to see new scenes play out that reveal more about his character.

As much as this holds everything together on the show, there’s a chance now Ventimiglia will be acting less often on the show. Is there truth to this, and will the This Is Us of the next couple seasons look a little different?

Milo Ventimiglia is starting to become overwhelmed with directing and other projects

Milo Ventimiglia attends the Walt Disney Television Emmy Party.
Milo Ventimiglia | Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Thanks to the high-profile nature of This Is Us, it’s placed Ventimiglia into the stratosphere in being able to do a million other TV projects and movies. We’ve seen him recently in the modestly successful family film Art of Racing in the Rain, plus hearing about how he signed on to play Evel Knievel in an upcoming cable biopic.

At the same time, he’s starting to move into more TV directing, something he’s slowly eased into in recent years. He’s also doing more producing, something he’s been doing even longer he says in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview.

Those who watch This Is Us regularly know Ventimiglia directed a recent episode of the series while subsequently having a few scenes as Jack again. According to Ventimiglia, it’s been an overwhelming job since he has a million irons in the media fire now.

Because he’s taking on so many new things, it might cut down his appearances as Jack in the coming episodes. This wasn’t by his own design and likely because creator Dan Fogelman formulated it so they start focusing on the present Pearsons — and likely ones of the future.

It’s smart to have Jack as a looming presence rather than physical

We all know family history and personality quirks often repeat, a message we see loud and clear in many episodes of This Is Us. Knowing Jack’s personality and his influence will carry on into his real/adopted kids (and grandkids) is compelling on its own without necessarily seeing him in flashback scenes.

Ventimiglia says he’ll likely be directing more episodes and just bringing the essence of Jack into numerous scenarios. Sensing Jack’s presence through his present family, though, is a slightly happier feeling.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the opening episodes this season, the future of the Pearson offspring looks more than interesting.

How much of Jack’s presence will there be in the future timeline?

As we saw in the opening episode for this season, the show did a huge time-jump to a time when Jack Damon (Toby and Kate’s blind son) is interacting in the world and becoming a pop star.

His character arc alone will likely be explored more, if not even the trajectories of other future Pearsons. One thing we’ll possibly learn is Jack’s innate goodness will shine through all future Pearson kids.

While we might enjoy more future glimpses of the Pearsons, let’s hope they also go back farther in time to an era when we can see an ancestor of Jack or Rebecca (Mandy Moore). The connective strings to personality traits passing on from the past to the far future would make This Is Us all the richer, especially with Ventimiglia being behind the camera.