It’s ‘The Walking Dead’ for Kids in ‘The Last Kids On Earth’

Netflix’s new animated series The Last Kids on Earth premieres next week. Imagine if The Walking Dead had no adult supervision, and it was only the Carls of the world left to fight the zombies. That’s what The Last Kids on Earth is about. At first, Jack (voice of Nick Wolfhard) believes he is the only survivor, but he finds a few of his classmates still alive to help him fight zombies and other creatures too.

The Last Kids on Earth
The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

Wolfhard spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone the day before he was accompanying his brother Finn to the premiere of It: Chapter Two. We’ll have more with Nick next week, but first a preview of The Last Kids on Earth, which premieres Tuesday, September 17 on Netflix.

Kids would have more fun in a ‘Walking Dead’ apocalypse

Sure, it’s hard to keep going when society crumbles and there are monsters outside, but there is some fun to be had when there are no grown-ups, or even other kids around. 

“You see the contrast,” Wolfhard said. “There are some kids that would obviously very much enjoy it and some kids wouldn’t. Jack obviously very much enjoys it. It’s kind of like in real life. Some kids are extroverted. Some kids are introverted. In a way, I’m very similar to Jack, not in the sense that I would very much enjoy the zombie apocalypse. I’m very introverted.”. 

Nick Wolfhard at a red carpet event
Nick Wolfhard | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

June believes her parents are still alive somewhere. For now, she, Jack, Dirk and Quint have to stick together.

“I think as long as they have a family, they can stick together through thick and thin, they can hopefully pretty much get through anything,” Wolfhard said. “That’s another thing about Jack. He’s never really had a family. He’s the happiest he’s ever been because there’s only a few people left. That way they can stick together in that sense.”

Unlike ‘The Walking Dead,’ video games still work in ‘The Last Kids on Earth’

Jack can stay home all day and play video games, and he does in The Last Kids on Earth. Wolfhard can relate, although he thought about starting a garden like Carl and Rick did.

“Honestly, I would do anything I can to probably not leave my house, although I would need food,” Wolfhard said. “So depending on how much is left, I guess in the general area, I would have to maybe take up gardening. I feel like I’d probably take up a new hobby harvesting my own crops and all that.”

‘The Last Kids on Earth’ need supplies just like ‘The Walking Dead’ survivors too

Every post-apocalyptic movie or show has a scene where the survivors have to find supplies. The Last Kids on Earth do that too.

“Of course everyone needs to makeshift things together in order to defend themselves, whether that be for food or whether that be defenses. Quint is actually kind of the brains. He’s not very street smart. June and Jack kind of take that aspect, especially June, at least in my opinion. So Quint kind of handles all the makeshifting and all the science and able to really trick out the tree fort. That’s honestly why Quint is actually a very integral part of the group of course. He’s kind of the brains. Dirk is kind of the brawn.”

Nick Wolfhard, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 8/25/19

The food has already started to go bad,

“There’s a great scene where Jack and Dirk crash through a hot dog parlor and they’re like, ‘It doesn’t even taste that old if you put enough mustard on it,’” Wolfhard said. “That’s one thing that I’d probably be down.”

‘The Last Kids on Earth’ has more monsters than ‘The Walking Dead’

There are zombies in The Last Kids on Earth, but also a host of other fun monsters.

The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

“Everyone’s seen some storyboards here and there, some designs,” Wolfhard said. “That’s really fun and they’re all super varied. They all have their own design, their own color palette. It’s really interesting, all shapes and sizes.”