Jackée Harry’s ‘Another World’ Character Was Changed Once She Gained Fans

Television characters are changed for multiple reasons. Jackée Harry started her television career on Another World with a small role. But her soap opera character got a new job once it was clear she was getting fans.

Jackée Harry was on ‘Another World’

Jackée Harry in 'LETS BE REAL'
Jackée Harry in ‘LETS BE REAL’ | FOX via Getty Images

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Harry played Lily Mason on Another World from 1983 to 1986. Her character started off as a sex worker, who is the aunt of Thomasina Todd (Sheila Spencer). Quinn (Petronia Paley) wanted to adopt her.

The actor didn’t have many lines in the role except for “Who is it?! Oh…it’s you.” Still, Harry was asked to return in future episodes. Fans started to like her and that’s when her character changed.

Lily Mason got a new job once she gained fans

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Harry talked about her role with Another World Today. She revealed Lily got a different job once it was clear fans liked her.

“I started getting fan letters, and they really liked the character, and as everybody knows, once the fans start liking you, you can no longer be a bad person, you gotta be a good person!” she said. So, they switched me and I became legit.”

She continued, “I stopped being a prostitute. I opened a club where Joe Morton (Leo) sang, and Morgan Freeman (Roy) and all the other great, African-American players began to frequent, and my storyline began to hook in with theirs.”

Harry went on to talk about her character’s story. “My niece was on there and I had taken care of her,” she said. “She was my sister’s daughter who died, they had taken her away from me but we got back together and everything was fine from there.”

She is still friends with Thomas Ian Griffith

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The actor talked positively about her experience on the show. She said she was closest to Linda Dano, who played Felicia Gallant, at the time because they shared a dressing room.

Harry still keeps in touch with one cast member. “And there was also Thomas Ian Griffith (Catlin),” she told Another World Today. “We’re still friends. He and I and his wife, Mary Page Keller (Sally), who was also on the show. We were all just great friends. I see them all the time. I don’t want to tell you where we hang out… but we hang out all the time.”

Harry went on to other televison roles. Now she’s returning to being on a soap opera. She announced on Today that she’ll play a character named Paula on Days of Our Lives.

“Oh, she’s FABulous,” Harry said. “You know I’m playing a fabulous woman, you know that. But I don’t want to give away the storyline because it’s a brand new storyline with African Americans.” She will start filming in 2021.