Jaclyn Hill Fires Back At Twitter After Criticizing Her Upcoming Age

At age 29, Jaclyn Hill has certainly accomplished a lot. The YouTuber has become popular in the makeup community, collaborated with successful brands, cultivated a loyal group of followers, built her own brand, and become a multi-millionaire. Of course, things haven’t been all rainbows and butterflies for Hill. Just last year, she suffered a major scandal.

Jaclyn Hill age 29
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Back in 2019, shortly after Hill launched her makeup brand, it came out that her inaugural products (her So Rich Lipsticks) had contaminants in them. Some consumers reported finding mold in their lipsticks whilst others found glass shards, plastic, animal and hair, both human and animal. After first denying the allegations, Hill eventually refunded all customers for the lipsticks, though she never recalled them.

Jaclyn Hill expresses feelings about her upcoming age

While the controversy over Hill’s lipsticks died down in time, it’s taken a while for the backlash on Hill herself to die down. Nowadays, critics are ready and willing to take any opportunity to criticize Hill for her lifestyle. Most recently, she came under fire for choosing to speak out about her upcoming age. Though Hill is currently 29, she will be turning 30 on July 20 and she took to her Twitter to express her feelings about it.

“IM TURNING 30 IN 3 WEEKS!!!! Omg ew,” Hill wrote on June 27, 2020. After seeing the opinions that HIll had for about upcoming age, fans and critics alike began to weigh in. Some fans were extremely sympathetic to Hill. They expressed that they too had similar feelings about turning 30, but assured her that it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as she thought it would once she got over the initial shock.

Critics aren’t pleased by the YouTuber’s remarks

“Once you get past the thirty hurdle you’ll wonder why u fussed about it. But I understand I hated 30 so much I left my own birthday party to wallow lol. Your gorgeous and successful, I hope you have an awesome birthday,” one fan wrote in response to Hill’s tweet. Others, however, were bothered by Hill saying “eew” and made it very clear that they weren’t happy with the language that she chose to utilize.

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“Ew? Seriously? What is so bad about 30? For my part, I hope it brings you some emotional maturity. Cause da*n do you need it,” one critic wrote about Hill, citing her response to her upcoming age. “Why Ew? There’s no shame in growing older. Not everyone is lucky enough to do so,” another person chimed in. “Excuse me? Ew? I’m 35 and I don’t feel it. Plus: no surgeries, nothing… It’s in your heart what matters. 30 is a number,” yet another person declared.

Hill responds to the backlash on Twitter

Seeing the backlash she received, Hill chose to expand upon her initial tweet. “To everyone who needs an explanation on why I said “ew”….. It’s because I am the youngest in my family & friend group & the idea that I will be 30 years old is insane to me & many people around me. MANY people go through a series of emotions when turning 30,” the Jaclyn Cosmetics founder began.

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“It’s insane how fast life goes & the past 10 years literally feel like a blink of an eye. I wish I could slow down time & enjoy the simple things in life even more. I love live [sic] & I don’t like watching it pass me by. So yeah, I can say ‘ew’ all I want,” the 29-year-old concluded. Clearly, Hill has some mixed emotions about her upcoming birthday and she’s not willing to put up with people critiquing her about said emotions.