Jaclyn Hill Fans Troll Her With Contaminated Lipsticks For Her Birthday

It seems that even on her birthday, Jaclyn Hill can’t catch a break. Hill turned 29 today, but her contaminated So Rich Lipsticks might be the gift that keeps on giving her drama. Hill rose to pseudo fame when she began posting makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. With just under 6 million followers on (which has decreased in the past few weeks), she secured collaborations with makeup companies such as BECCA Cosmetics and Morphe Cosmetics. Her collaborations were a massive success, often selling out in mere minutes. This prompted Hill to launch her own company, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, and that is where the trouble began.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill |Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Lipstick controversy

At first glance, it seemed like Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics launch would hit the ball out of the park. Because of her incredible fan base, every single one of Hill’s So Rich Lipsticks sold out immediately and she was gearing up for restocks. But unfortunately, the celebrations didn’t last for long. Suddenly, reports of contaminated lipsticks began coming in droves. Customers cited a myriad of issues. Everything from gritty texture, hair (rat and human), melted sticks, plastic shards, and lumps were reported, and reports of contamination continue to surface. The reports got so bad that a petition was started to get the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to recall all the products. At the time of this article, nearly 30,000 people have signed.

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Hill goes dark on Twitter & Instagram

Hill’s reaction to the controversy has not been great. She first accused customers of lying, then put out a very shady excuse for the hairs consumers found embedded in her lipstick. She then avoided the concerns before eventually issuing a very defensive apology video, somehow still maintaining that her lipsticks were safe to use. Next, she made the announcement that she’d be issuing every customer a complete refund for their purchase, regardless of their issues. Finally, the 29-year-old deleted all of her social media profiles, except YouTube, when faced with the critique that she knew her lipsticks were contaminated all along.

Birthday cards

Despite the weeks that have passed since the drama unfurled, many fans are still incensed with Hill for how she chose to handle (or rather not handle) the entire situation. Many accused her of ghosting her fans and others think that her hiatus is nothing more than a tactic to keep followers. However, things had been dying down a little before fan account, Jaclyn Closet @jaclynhillcloset, suggested that fans could send Hill cards for her birthday.

Jaclyn Hill’s sister, Rachel

The fan account, which boasts over 100,000 followers, is thought to be run by Hill’s elder sister, Rachel, despite claiming to be run by a random fan. “I am 100% sure it’s her sister Rachel. During Jaclyn’s Instagram live she asked where Rachel was and then the Closet account replied “here!” aka Rachel but accidentally on the wrong account. Having seen that misstep, Jaclyn immediately ended the live,” one fan tweeted out noting that she, like many others, believed Rachel to be the one behind the account. But despite this intriguing fan theory, neither Rachel nor Jaclyn have ever claimed ownership of the account.

Fan outrage

Fans felt that it was completely insensitive and inappropriate for anyone to ask for cards on her Hill’s behalf (even if it was true that people had been asking) and immediately made their ire known. “Sooo Jaclyn Hill can’t DEIGN to interact with her followers/customers, but FEEL FREE to send her birthday gifts?!? Are. You. Kidding. Me. She’s like Trump. Just when I think I’ve seen the lowest, most outrageous display? JH does it again. #gross #greed” on user fired off on Twitter.

Trolling 101

“Well, this is fu*king classless Rachel!! Seriously, why the fu*k should people send her birthday cards when she, the CEO of her own company ghosted her customers,” another user fired off in solidarity. However, most fans chose not to get mad, but to get even. “Sending just a card is so cheap! I’m sending a gift…fuzzy white gloves,” one user wrote, referencing Hill blaming the hairs found in her lipsticks on white gloves used in quality control. “I’ll be sending all of her useless products back lol. Done with Jaclyn Hill. This has gone overboard and she has taken zero accountability,” another declared. These sentiments were soon echoed by many other fans.

With age comes maturity

We’re certain that this is not the birthday that Hill envisioned for herself so soon after launching her own brand. However, part of growing up is learning that your actions have consequences and you must continue to take accountability for them. While refunding customers for their products was a step in the right direction, maintaining that the products are safe is a poor error in judgment.

While we understand the need for a social media detox, a weekend at most is acceptable for a business owner in the middle of a crisis. Especially when so many of her consumers are reporting that they did not receive their refund. Hiding out from the people who have always supported her is only going to hurt her brand and credibility in the long run.