Jaclyn Hill Gets Crabby Following Cosmetics Backlash

Jaclyn Hill has had a rough time as of late. After the 29-year-old launched her new company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, in late May, she faced terrible backlash that would be tough for any CEO to deal with. After completely selling out of her So Rich Lipsticks, fans began to report that her lipsticks were contaminated. After customers reported that the lipsticks had a gritty texture, animal hair, and plastic contained in them, Hill and her team eventually vowed to issue everyone a refund for their product.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Hill warned against using the factory for her lipsticks

Unfortunately, shortly after Jaclyn Cosmetics informed customers that they would get a full refund for their products, new rumors surfaced that put Hill’s career in jeopardy. Marlena Stell, CEO of Makeup Geek, put out a tell-all video in which Hill was referenced. In this video, Stell insists that she warned Hill against using the factories that she eventually used to manufacture her cosmetics. Stell maintains that she experienced some of the same issues that Hill’s customers were reporting and urged Hill to go with a different factory.

Deactivating Twitter & Instagram

Following Stell’s video, Hill received even more hate from people who were accusing the beauty vlogger of knowingly shipping out cosmetics with terrible issues and quality. Citing a need for a break in order to protect her mental sanity, Hill deactivated her Twitter and Instagram pages. Nearly a month passed before Hill broke her social media hiatus and came back to YouTube and Instagram, though she has yet to reactivate her Twitter page. Now, Hill is revealing some of what she did during her time away from social media.

A new age

Hill actually turned 29 while she was on hiatus from social media. And while some fans chose to troll her on her special day, Hill was busy celebrating in style. Born in July, Hill’s zodiac sign is cancer, who are crabs. In honor of her last year in her 20’s, Hill decided to celebrate the special occasion with some of her best friends, who are also cancers, with a crab-themed party.

Birthday celebrations

Taking to her Instagram page, Hill posted a series of pictures from her birthday party. In the photos, you can see her dancing, posing for pictures, and of course, gorging on what appears to be delicious crab. “While I was away from socials, I celebrated my 29th Birthday! I decided to celebrate by including all of my closest friends/family who are also cancers & celebrate all of us together!” the Jaclyn Cosmetics owner began.

Hill gets crabby

“So I turned my house into a crab castle (since we are the crab in the zodiac) 6 of us celebrated together & invited our closest friends. It was amazing! We ate so much crab I thought I was going to pop but so worth it! I wanted to share these photos with you guys so you can be part of the celebration! Happiest birthday to the 5 cancers in my life! I love you soooo much!!!,” Hill concluded.

Defending herself amidst controversy

Of course, critics who are still upset about the makeup controversy were quick to call out Hill for throwing herself a party. “I thought you were fixing your lipsticks not partying lmao,” one Instagram user wrote. However, Hill was quick to clap back and defend her actions. “It was one night. I didn’t even want to celebrate my birthday, but I’m glad I did,” the Jaclyn Cosmetics owner insisted. We have to agree with Hill in this case. No matter how we feel about her actions in the past couple of months, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate another year around the sun.