Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Is Relaunching, but Are Fans Even up for Round 2?

After a near three month hiatus, Jaclyn Hill’s cosmetic company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, has announced that it will officially relaunch. After a disastrous first launch that resulted in contaminated lipsticks, a petition to recall the products, and a promise to refund all customers who purchased any of the So Rich Lipsticks, the company decided it was for the best to take a break, pause all future launches, and shut down their site temporarily. But on November 11, 2019, the company officially announced its plans to relaunch. But are fans even willing to give Jaclyn Cosmetics a second chance?

Jaclyn Hill CEO of Jaclyn Cosmetics
Jaclyn Hill | Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Jaclyn Cosmetics shuts down its website and Instagram page

On August 16, 2019, Jaclyn Cosmetics made a public statement via Instagram announcing that they’d be taking a break to restructure. “At Jaclyn Cosmetics, we’re dedicated to giving you the best products and customer experience. It is clear that our first launch did not meet the standards we’ve set as a brand, and for that, we are truly sorry. We will do better because you deserve better—from us and from our products. As we take a moment to rebuild, we just want you to know how grateful we are for the love and support we’ve received. Your satisfaction is our top priority. The future is bright and we’re excited for what’s to come,” the statement read.

Jaclyn Cosmetics announces its relaunch

On November 11, 2019, Jaclyn Cosmetics made good on their promise to return by teasing that they would be relaunching on November 26, 2019. “The future is bright. ✨ 11/26/19 #Jaclyn,” the brand captioned a gif of a large metallic J. But, just how are Hill’s fans feeling about the relaunch? Are they willing to give Hill, her team, and her company a second chance? After looking at the responses from fans and past customers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, it seems Hill’s consumers have mixed feelings about the brand’s relaunch.

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The future is bright. ✨ 11/26/19 #Jaclyn

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Diehard fans are willing to forgive the lipstick drama

Some of Hill’s diehard fans are obviously thrilled that Jaclyn Cosmetics is making a comeback and are more than willing to give her a second chance. “I’d literally buy sh*t off her shoe, so it’s fine,” one fan commented on Instagram. “Everybody deserves another chance, so let’s try not to be complete di*kheads and let Miss Jaclyn do her thing! Excited to see what’s next,” another person chimed in, showing their support. “I hope people can be positive about this launch. I know Jaclyn is anxious about it and she deserves lots of love. Your real supporters are always gonna be here,” another fan added.

Some fans were even empowered by Hill’s commitment to trying again while dealing with other stressful life events. “You have gone through several of the most stressful events in life, a divorce alone I can’t even imagine. And that’s only what you have shared. I am sure more. I bought your lipsticks, I was grateful for the refund and I am anxiously awaiting your new launch and I can’t wait to see and use your improved products,” one person wrote.

Some people have yet to receive their promised refunds

However, not everyone is thrilled by the relaunch. In fact, some fans are downright pissed. Several people have complained that months after then announcement was made to refund every customer for their purchase they’ve yet to receive theirs. “I’m still waiting for my refund but you can make new products okaaayyy!” one person wrote. “Have fun with hairy products that look like cat poop. I’m waiting for my refund still, stop talking already.” another customer sounded off.

Former fans express outrage on Instagram

Others had criticism that extended beyond a refund. They called out Hill and her brand for poorly handling the situation and insisted that they wouldn’t be tricked again. “This brand is seriously a JOKE lmao. Nobody will buy whatever you are releasing,” one person shared. “It’s pretty disgusting that someone as big as Jaclyn had such a big disaster of a launch, lied about what happened, disappeared, said would give a refund to people, didn’t give refunds to everyone, wear a “canceled” costume as a joke, then wants to put out a new product. Being negative vs telling the truth are two different things. Sorry, I don’t wanna be scammed again,” another former fan added.

Fans are still demanding a recall for the hairy and moldy lipsticks

Though it’s clear that not everyone received contaminated products, those who did are disgusted by the fact that Jaclyn Cosmetics never recalled their products despite a petition with over 29,000 signatures urging the FDA to intervene. “I need to unsubscribe. I’m still not over getting 3rd-degree chemical burns from her last product. It worries me that this company would put out a NEW product without recalling the last one, one that was proven dangerous and hazardous,” one former supporter shared on Twitter. It is troublesome that after everything that happened, Jaclyn Cosmetics still claims that their lipsticks are safe to use. Let’s hope that the relaunch goes better than the first, if only for safety’s sake.