Apparently, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Still Owes Some People Refunds

It’s been a rough road for Jaclyn Hill and her cosmetics company, Jaclyn Cosmetics. Though she experienced a highly successful launch day, countless issues starting pouring in just days after the products shipped. Almost immediately, customers began reporting that they were finding contaminants embedded in their So Rich Lipsticks. Photos and videos of hair (human and animal), plastics shards, and unidentified white fuzzies were splashed all over the Internet.

Jaclyn Hill CEO of Jaclyn Cosmetics accepts award
Jaclyn HIll | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards

Initially, Hill denied the negative claims about her lipsticks. But, later, she issued an apology and eventually promised to refund all the customers who purchased her products. “I don’t care if 195,000 people loved a lipstick, if three people are having an issue, that’s what’s going to keep me awake at night. So it’s really important to me that I make this right. So I’m going to be issuing a full refund including shipping and tax to every single customer from Jaclyn Cosmetics because that’s the only thing that I feel is going to make things right,” she announced in her Instagram stories.

Jaclyn Cosmetics promises refunds to every customer

Following Hill’s informal announcement, her brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, made it official by issuing an official statement to their social media profiles and website. “Jaclyn Cosmetics takes consumer feedback very seriously. We’ve reviewed the quality issues related to our So Rich Lipsticks & believe our production did not meet our brand standards. We’ll be issuing a full refund (inc. shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product,” the brand wrote.

The company is relaunching with highlighters

Following the promise of refunds, the brand (and Hill herself) went on hiatus to try to regroup. However, on November 11, 2019, five months after the original launch, the brand announced it would be making a comeback. While many of Hill’s millions of fans were pleased by the announcement, others were not as excited. In fact, many people took the opportunity to share across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram that they had not yet received their promised refunds. Despite reaching out to the Jaclyn Cosmetics customer service team multiple times, some consumers have yet to receive a response.

Fans on Instagram say they haven’t been refunded for their lipsticks

Furthermore, some people are reporting that when they attempt to request information about their promised refunds on Instagram and Twitter, they get blocked from Hill’s page as well as the Instagram page for Jaclyn Cosmetics. “I love you but your team still didn’t refund me for the lipsticks that never came to my house,” one fan commented on Hill’s recent post. “She still hasn’t cleaned up her first mess. A lot of people still waiting in their money and have been blocked,” another commented.

Critics express outrage on Twitter

On Twitter, the story isn’t much different. “I’ve seen a few comments on trendmood of people that still haven’t received theirs. She out partying living it up and she still owes people refunds! Disgusting!” one critic tweeted passionately. “A lot of people still haven’t gotten their refunds and a lot of people were blocked by her when they complained soo,” another person added. Hopefully, Jaclyn Cosmetics will keep their promise and continue to issue refunds in the midst of their new launch.