Jaclyn Hill Reflects on the Lipstick Drama ‘I Really, Really Have PTSD’

Jaclyn Hill officially relaunches Jaclyn Cosmetics tomorrow, November 26, 2019. After a catastrophic first launch that involved contaminated lipsticks, the brand will be debuting its holiday highlighter collection. A smart strategic move on the brand’s part to relaunch on the biggest shopping week of the year, many fans of the 29-year-old are ready and willing to shell out more cash in support of their favorite beauty YouTuber. But is Hill prepared for the relaunch?

Jaclyn Hill accepts award following the lipstick drama
Jaclyn Hill | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards

In a recent interview with Allure, Hill shared that she’s extremely confident about her relaunch featuring her holiday highlighter collection. She confessed that she spent time reflecting on the mistakes that she made with her lipsticks to ensure that her brand would be successful the second time around. Not only did she talk to professionals in the industry, but she also took a social media hiatus to focus on rebuilding Jaclyn Cosmetics to be better than ever before. Hill even made the decision to halt all production for Jaclyn Cosmetics for three months so that she could regroup.

Rebuilding Jaclyn Cosmetics

“It’s been enough time to me personally to get my shit together and to get my brand in a better place. When I left social media for 30 days, I didn’t just sit there on the couch and cry. I mean, I did some of that, but for the most part, we immediately started rebuilding and going through every single outlet and being like, OK, this needs to change. This can be better. Even things that were good were like, OK, well let’s make it great,” the millionaire confessed about how she was able to learn from the lipstick drama.

Jaclyn Hill is super confident about her highlighter collection

In fact, Hill shared that the lipstick debacle actually makes her feel more confident about her relaunch and her highlighter collection. Though she admits that she was almost cocky about her lipsticks initially, she added that she was able to grow from her past mistakes to ensure future success. “I’m still so beyond confident. I’m more confident in this than I was in my lipsticks because I was so humbled by my lipsticks that this time around I just, I know that people are going to get them into their hands, and they’re going to be like, ‘Oh wow, these are actually incredible,’ and I get to just start that process getting trust back.” the YouTuber shared.

Hill claims the lipstick drama gave her PTSD

Hill is obviously excited about her highlighter collection, but will she ever make lipsticks again? Hill admitted she will, but not for a while as she believes that the lipstick launch was a traumatic experience for her. “I really, really have PTSD, and I’m kind of scarred from lipsticks, so we are really going to take our time diving into that. I did not want to try to rush anything. I want to make sure that when I launch my lipsticks they are perfect and start a whole new meaning to Jaclyn Cosmetics — falling off the horse and getting back up after it takes some time to really perfect that,” Hill shared.

While referring to her lipstick drama as something that gave her PTSD is far too hyperbolic for our tastes, hopefully, Hill has learned from her experience. Only time will tell what the future holds for Jaclyn Cosmetics. However, we’re sure Hill’s most loyal fans will continue to support her no matter what.