Jaclyn Hill Fans Are Begging Her to Bring Back Her Lipsticks

When Jaclyn Hill launched her company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, in May of 2019, nobody could have predicted how things would turn out. Having been a popular beauty vlogger for years, the launch was met with much anticipation and excitement. Hill’s loyal fans had been chomping at the bit for her to release her own makeup for over two years. Things were looking promising when the 30-year-old released her first product drop, a collection of nude lipsticks, but things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Jaclyn Hill lipstick
Jaclyn Hill | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards

Hill’s So Rich lipsticks were championed by plenty of news sites and bloggers at first. People gushed over the texture and the wide array of colors that were offered to compliment people of all different skin tones. In fact, there was such excitement for the products, they sold out almost immediately. Even diehard fans struggled to get their hands on the collection during the initial launch.

Jaclyn Hill had a lipstick scandal in 2019

But, the positive response was short-lived. One beauty blogger tweeted Hill letting her know she’d found a contaminant in her lipstick. Hill fired back that her products were of top-quality and that the blogger had just been raving about the lipstick a few days prior. Hill then stood staunchly behind her products, but it quickly became clear that what the beauty blogger was experiencing was hardly an isolated incident.

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In the days that followed, many people reported finding a host of contaminants in their lipstick. Everything from human hair, animal hair, glass beads, plastic shards, and white fuzzies were reported. Things got so bad that a petition was created for the lipsticks to be recalled. Unfortunately, Hill didn’t handle the backlash well. Fans noted that she was quiet about the matter and when she did break her silence her excuses and attitude were less than favorable. This caused things to spiral even further out of control.

The controversy caused Jaclyn Cosmetics to go on hiatus

Things got so bad, the scandal became known as Lipstick Gate. Though Hill maintained that her lipsticks were safe to use, she decided that she would be refunding every single person who purchased her lipsticks. She then went on a social media hiatus and production for her brand shut down for months. Through it all, Hill was receiving tremendous backlash and even accused of knowing about the containments in her lipsticks.

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But, Hill seems to have recovered from the scandal and she recently took to Instagram to reflect on the lipstick drama. Sharing a photo of herself alongside a framed picture of one of the campaign shots for her lipstick launch, she mused about her past mishap.

Fans on Instagram want the lipsticks to come back

“As most of you know, I’ve been through my fair share of failures & hardships,” Hill wrote to her 6.3 million Instagram followers. “But I will continue to learn from my mistakes, accept my failures & inspire women who need to be reminded that it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to mess up. We are human beings. Whether it’s financially, mentally, physically… we are amazing & we can truly change the world if we come together with love and understanding. We are incredible, we are strong, we are determined & we are worthy!” the beauty vlogger wrote.

Naturally, Hill’s fans sent her plenty of support after reading her post. In fact, many of them began begging her to bring back her lipstick. “Jaclyn gurl I need some more of your lipstick!!! I’m completely out of my nude trio!” one Instagram user wrote. “I miss those damn lipsticks, my Isla is amazing but I accidentally melted it,😭😭” another fan penned. “Ready for lipstick round 2, I still use mine, 💗” yet another person chimed in. “Bring them back. For the love of God, I cannot live without Fussy, 😩 😍” someone else demanded, referencing a particular shade.

Hill teases an upcoming Jaclyn Cosmetics launch on Twitter

Who knows if Hill has plans to bring back her lipstick, but she’s certainly working on something. “I shot my next campaign in my home yesterday with my friends & family,” Hill tweeted on July 27, 2020. “So wild but so much fun!!! Can’t wait for you to see what’s next for @jaclyncosmetics,” Hill continued. We’re not sure what Hill has in store for her fans, but it’s clear they’ll buy any and everything she puts out.