Jada Pinkett Smith Once Dropped a Cryptic Hint About Her Evolving Marriage

Even as hard as some Hollywood couples try to keep their relationship private, they still face close scrutiny. One couple that is no strangers to being in the headlines is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

For over 20 years, the two have dealt with their relationship being under a microscope while navigating their successful acting and musical careers. The two are back in the spotlight once again with Jada’s recent “entanglement” with August Alsina.

What does it mean for the Hollywood power couple? Continue reading to find out where their relationship stands. 

Jada and Will’s relationship

Jada Pinkett Smith smiling, turned to the right
Jada Pinkett Smith | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

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Many of us were first introduced to Will Smith during his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. Since then, he has continued to be in the spotlight, starring in numerous hit movies, such as Men in BlackI, Robot, and The Pursuit of Happyness. 

After Smith and his first wife split, he and Jada Pinkett Smith became the talk of the headlines. The couple first met when Pinkett Smith auditioned for the part of Smith’s girlfriend on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Unfortunately, she did not get the part and instead scored a role on A Different World. It wasn’t until after the show’s ending and the end of Smith’s first marriage that he acted upon his interest in Pinkett Smith.

With her own success in TV and films, such as the 1996 remake of The Nutty Professor and Scream 2, the couple seemed to be a perfect match. 

Even though Pinkett Smith never had plans to get married, she became pregnant with Smith’s child, and with pressure from her mother, the two tied the knot in 1997. They welcomed their first child together, Jaden Smith, shortly after getting married and three years later, their daughter, Willow Smith. 

Jada’s cryptic hint about her marriage

While their marriage did not get started on the best foot, they have become one of the powerhouse couples in Hollywood. While the stars’ success has been apparent to fans, their relationship has been somewhat of a mystery.

The two have even separated before without getting divorced to find true happiness within themselves so they could find it in each other. Like many couples, Smith and Pinkett Smith have had their ups and downs but have worked through it together, making them a stronger couple. 

Before Smith and Pinkett Smith revealed that they were having issues and took a break from their marriage while still staying married, Pinkett Smith may have given fans a cryptic hint about them. According to US Magazine, months before Smith opened up about the two working through issues on his wife’s Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith may have teased what was going on via her Instagram account.

She wrote: “I’ve been watching a lot marriages dissolve around me. It’s been really painful. Marriages change. Sometimes they need to be reimagined and transformed. Sometimes they are simply over … but either way, I pray that folks going thru this painful transition find the patience and the love within to not throw the ‘babies’ out with the bathwater.” 

Not your typical marriage

Many have often rumored that Smith and Pinkett Smith have an open relationship, and neither have ever confirmed them. However, the two have redefined their relationship from being husband and wife to referring to each other as life partners.

They now use the word life partnership rather than marriage to describe their relationship. It was after this announcement is when the entanglement drama between Pinkett Smith and Alsina began, according to the reveal from earlier this year.

Even with affair rumors, the couple works through issues and turns to counseling when needed. Smith and Pinkett Smith do not have plans of calling it quits anytime soon.