Jada Pinkett-Smith Says This Is Her Favorite Role Will Smith Has Ever Played, Even Though Critics Hated It

It’s no secret that Will Smith has starred in many movies throughout his more than 20-year acting career. While he has had his fair share of successful films and a few flops, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith is a fan of many of the projects and roles he’s taken on over the years.

But there’s one movie role Smith recently did that is Pinkett-Smith’s favorite — and ironically, it’s a project that didn’t sit too well with critics.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Will Smith portrayal of the Genie in Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ is Jada’s favorite role of his

Back in 2017, Pinkett-Smith revealed on the People and Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) show Mamarazzi (via Yahoo! Sports) that she’s a big fan of her husband’s “rugged” movies roles.

While she prefers seeing the actor play serious characters that he infuses with his trademark wit and charm, it turns out that none of Smith’s more complicated roles are Jada’s favorite.

Instead, the Girls Trip actor considers Smith’s portrayal of the Genie in Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake her favorite movie role of his, which she revealed during a 2019 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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While sitting down with the late-night talk show host, Pinkett-Smith expressed her admiration for her husband’s performance in the live-action remake of the Disney animated classic, despite criticism surrounding the film.

“The critics weren’t that kind,” the actor said, later adding, “Can I tell you, it’s probably my favorite role of his.” 

Smith received immense backlash over his portrayal of the blue Genie

In the film, which was released in May 2019, Smith played the beloved wish-granting Genie, notably voiced by Robin Williams in the 1992 animated classic.

Though playing the character was one of Smith’s “greatest experiences,” critics weren’t pleased with his performance and relentlessly attacked him on the internet over his portrayal.

The backlash kicked off when the internet got it’s first look at Smith in all of his blue glory as the Genie in a teaser trailer that arrived in February 2019.

Soon after the trailer dropped, social media began flooding with copious memes that made fun of Smith’s portrayal.

The backlash then went into overdrive once the film was released, with critics calling it “objectively terrible” and all-around bad.

But Smith wasn’t hurt by the negative reviews. Instead, he was unbothered — and a little tickled — by the response to his character.

“It was very funny,” he told Empire in April 2019. “There was a Sonic The Hedgehog / Genie frog. Everything is under such critical scrutiny. I came up in an era where there was no internet. It’s a new thing that I’m trying to get a handle on.”

Pinkett-Smith set out to prove to her husband that she wasn’t the only one who loved the movie

Though critics hated the live-action Aladdin remake, the film and Smith’s portrayal of the Genie were still positively received by moviegoers.

While sitting down with Kimmel, Pinkett-Smith revealed that after attending the film’s world premiere with her husband in Paris, she took him to a movie theater in Calabasas, California, to prove to him that the new Aladdin was a “movie for the people.” 

It was there Smith saw how positively moviegoers responded to the film, proving Pinkett-Smith’s point that despite the negative reaction from critics, people still enjoyed the Aladdin.