Jada Pinkett Smith’s Skincare Routine Is a Mix of High End and Drugstore Products

Jada Pinkett Smith has been a staple in Hollywood for nearly three decades. From her work on A Different World to The Matrix, Woo, and Set It Off, she maintains a youthful glow and vibrant energy.

Though Pinkett Smith has continued acting in films like Girls Trip, she’s become a compelling talk show host on her Facebook series, Red Table Talk in this latest stage in her career.

From an intense fitness regime to eating really healthy, there is a reason Pinkett Smith hasn’t aged in 30 years. However, her skincare routine has a mix of high-end and drug store products.

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

This is how Jada Pinkett Smith’s keeps her youthful glow

Pinkett Smith has always been open about eating a healthy diet. Her philosophy is that you eat to fuel your body. Instead of eating for pleasure, she has been adamant about maintaining a fairly strict and healthy diet.

In a 2012 interview with Essence, Pinkett Smith explained that her diet consists of eggs, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, salmon, and nuts. Smith avoids all pork and beef. Also, she tries to avoid sugar as much as she can. Pinkett Smith admitted to Shape Magazine that sugar made her suffer from “emotional rollercoasters.”

However, every now and then The Nutty Professor actress does indulge in her favorites. She told Health Magazine that pizza and french fries are her weakness. However, when she does indulge, she makes sure to ramp up her workouts.

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Jada Pinkett Smith’s fitness routine is intense

When it comes to getting into the gym, Pinkett Smith does not hold back. She revealed to Shape that she works out at 6:30 in the morning, but her sessions aren’t always long intense blowout workouts.

“Everybody’s thinking you gotta be in the gym for an hour and a half. Literally, I’m never in the gym longer than 45 minutes,” she told BET. “Just be consistent—that’s it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be intense, and you will see a difference. Just go out of your house and do a brisk walk!”

In addition to HITT, towel workouts, and wall workouts, Pinkett Smith along with her daughter, Willow Smith, and mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones all love to incorporate yoga into their routines. “I usually do my yoga at home in the evenings for about an hour,” she told Women’s Health

Inside Jada Pinkett Smith’s skincare routine

In addition to her fitness routine and diet, Pinkett Smith is also diligent about her skincare routine. And it’s honestly a lot more affordable than we expected.

Pinkett Smith cleans her face with a drug store product, Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent. “It’s one of my favorite products,” she said on The Today Show. “It is brilliant. I use the one that’s pink—the deep cleaning one. It pulls all the stuff out and it closes the pores as well. It’s awesome.”

In addition to her Clean & Clear producet, the actor also swears by, Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules by Dr. Barbara Sturm. “Your face will radiate like you just got off a two-week spa vacation,” she said. She also does not pile makeup on her face. “Even on makeup days, I try to go light,” she told The Today Show. “I do a lot of steam on my skin. On days off, I use hardly anything. I try to give the skin a break. Less is more.”