Jake Paul Destroying His Own Wedding Cake Should Surprise Absolutely No One

Jake Paul makes his money by being controversial. The former Disney actor turned YouTube vlogger knows how to get views on his videos. He seems to create controversy to get more views, and the more views his videos have, the more he earns in advertising revenue.  

This strategy may have led him into a vicious cycle. Paul needs to one-up himself with each new antic to maintain his “controversial” label. His behavior gets worse, and it’s hard to know what’s a controversial act and what’s Paul’s natural behavior. 

The culmination of that cycle was his crazy, weird wedding.  

Does Jake Paul take things too far?

Jake Paul
Jake Paul | Rich Fury/Getty Images

In some cases, fans think Paul is too controversial. His brother got kicked off YouTube for posting a video of a suicide victim. The behavior was disrespectful and disturbing. YouTube did the right thing by taking him off the air, but his brother and many others in their group of friends remain active on the platform.  

He’s also faced some serious accusations after girls were drugged at one of his parties. The victim didn’t necessarily name Paul specifically, but the incidents occurred at his house.  

A YouTube documentary recently examined Paul’s behavior. The producers had the same question we all do: Is Paul’s attention-seeking behavior just his way of earning a buck, or is he suffering from some kind of mental health issue? 

We may never know the truth, but Paul’s recent wedding has fans even more confused.  

History with Tana Mongeau

The pair hasn’t been together for long. They met in April, were engaged by June, and married by July. She met his parents after just seven weeks of dating. 

The speed of the relationship has people speculating that it’s all fake. It wouldn’t be above Paul to enter into a fake relationship for views. He proposed with a cake on her 21st birthday. 

The wedding

We use the term “wedding” loosely. The couple held some kind of event.  There was a wedding ceremony, which thousands of fans paid to watch via live stream. The drama began immediately after their first kiss as husband and wife, when someone threw champagne at Paul.  

There were a few other brawls, an Oprah impersonator, and Paul destroyed his own cake with a sword.  Why not? 

There are reports the couple was kicked out of the venue. Apple and Google Play are both returning money to fans who paid to see the wedding — they said the video was such poor quality that the pair of vloggers can’t charge for it.  

Was Logan Paul at the wedding?

Logan Paul has stated he doesn’t think the relationship is real. He sees this as a business venture. 

The former YouTube star thinks that his brother and new wife plan on making money on the controversy of their relationship. That may have worked if the wedding video had been watchable. 

According to The Cut, 66,000 fans paid for the video. That means the pair would have netted millions.  

Even though Logan Paul has been vocal about his feelings, he was still invited to the wedding, and even gave interviews to the press there. 

According to BuzzFeed News, when asked if he thought the couple would last, he said no.

The reason we’re reluctant to call this a wedding is because according to The Cut, there was no marriage certificate. The newlyweds didn’t even leave together at the end of the bizarre reception. She did change her name on social media to Tana Paul, though. So it’s official?