Jameela Jamil Says She’s Not Friends With Meghan Markle: ‘I’ve Met This Woman Once Ever’

Despite moving back to the U.S., Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has remained a fixture in the British tabloids. Actor Jameela Jamil, who is also often the subject of media commentary, is now addressing a claim that the two live together. Here’s what she says about their (lack of a) relationship, and why the tabloids keep coming for Meghan.

Jameela Jamil is a British actor and host 

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Jamil is best known for her role in the NBC comedy The Good Place. She portrayed Tahani Al-Jamil, one of the four humans who finds themselves in an unexpected afterlife. Alongside Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and more, she starred in the hit series for all four seasons.

Before Jamil moved to the U.S. for her breakout role, she was a host for U.K. programs such as The Official Chart. Since The Good Place ended, she’s returned to her roots, hosting the reality competition program The Misery Index and serving as a judge on Legendary. Jamil is also an activist advocating for body positivity and several other causes.

She stood up for Meghan Markle when tabloids attacked her

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As someone who used to interview celebrities in the U.K., Jamil is well-versed in the tabloid media’s angles toward those in the public eye, including the royals. Now, as a famous actor herself, she uses her platform to speak out against this kind of harassment, including that aimed at the Duchess of Sussex herself.

“I think the press in England is terrified, and that’s why they’re trying to silence her, but she stands against bullies,” Jamil said in 2019 of Meghan, as published by the U.K. tabloid Express. “And standing up to bullies is really the only way you can put them in their place.”

Jamil responded to a claim that they are ‘best friends’

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L: Jameela Jamil | Steve Granitz/WireImage, R: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Now, Express is precisely the publication that has Jamil is taking aim against, after it published a story under the headline, “Meghan Markle’s new best friend? Luvvie Jameela Jamil ‘quarantines’ with Harry and Meghan.” “I’ve met this woman once ever,” she responded on Instagram. “Best friends now living together during lockdown?!”

Jamil continued, saying that since she first defended Meghan, she and her family have experienced harassment from the U.K. media. “What has followed has been a plethora of lies and rumors about me, set up to discredit me as an individual and convince people I am ‘crazy’ to devalue my opinion to anyone who may realize I am right,” she wrote.

Why she believes the tabloids have switched angles

So why pretend they’re friends? “Now they are hyperbolizing some relationship they have decided I have with her to make it seem as if i am saying these things out of ‘loyalty’ rather than because it’s right to call out misogyny and racism when you see it because an attack against her, is an attack on all WOC/Black women,” Jamil continued in her caption.

The Duchess of Sussex is “the symbol of hope and power to be deconstructed before any of us get any delusions of grandeur,” she added. Jamil finished by advising her followers to “keep this in mind when you read about her, me or really any woman in media. Especially if she has any colour to her skin.”