The Upcoming Premiere of ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ Is Causing Major Royal Drama, Source Says

The world is still far from being back to normal, but it appears that major royal drama is already brewing. It’s no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex often found themselves in conflict with Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. While the Sussexes hoped to usher in a more modern approach to royal life, the Cambridges were content with their traditions.

Friction between the royal brothers reportedly got so bad that prior to Megxit, they were barely talking. Thankfully, with the Sussexes across the globe in Los Angeles, the couples have reportedly eased the friction between them. Prince William and Prince Harry have also been communication on video calls.

Unfortunately, with tentative planning for the upcoming James Bond: No Time to Die premiere underway, some new royal drama is already brewing.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected to be red carpet regulars

Though Meghan and Prince Harry have put their new foundation, Archewell on hold, they are working on new ventures that will merge their celebrity with the royal approach to life.

“The Meghan and Harry brand has always been very disruptive,” Jeetendra Sehdev the author of The Kim Kardashian Principe told The Guardian. “They’re going to show us all a different way in which royal family members can live. The closest comparison to Meghan and Harry will be the Obamas and what they’re actually doing, I mean they’ve created an entertainment entity where they’re producing documentaries and I think that will be a similar route that Meghan and Harry can certainly take. Letting people into who they are – because at the moment we don’t really know who Meghan and Harry are. We just know that they’re part of the royal family.”

When it’s safe, the pair are expected to also be red carpet regulars. “I think we’ll see Meghan back in acting in terms of major motion films,” royal expert Myka Meier explained on the Royally Obsessed podcast. “I think she’ll be choosey of course but I think we’ll see a lot of them. I also think that we’re going to see a lot of red carpets. As soon as there are red carpets again, I genuinely think they will be on every major red carpet.”

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Meghan Markle has always been able to outshine the royal family

Though she didn’t actively try to, the Duchess of Sussexes’ magnetism and charisma allowed her to easily outshine other members of the royal family, including her husband.

“Meghan came into the relationship with celebrity of her own, and a global fan base,” SheKnows reports. “Whether or not her intention had been to “outshine” Harry, the public was inevitably more interested in her actions than Harry’s at various turns — a reaction that was likely ill-received by the royal family.”

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The ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ premiere is causing major royal drama

As things are slowly being planned for the future, the LA and London premieres of James Bond: No Time to Die are causing some major concerns. “For the Hollywood premiere they have signaled they want Harry and Meghan as guests of honor,” a source told Express. “It poses an interesting question over whether William and Kate will attend the London premiere.”

Though the London premiere will come first, there is still some concern that the Sussexes’ appearance in LA the following week would cause much more of a frenzy.