James Charles: Four Times He’s Been Called Out for Inappropriate Behavior

James Charles appears to be officially canceled. The 19-year-old beauty guru’s attempt at a damage control video seems to have done little to stem the bleeding from his latest controversy. Tati Westbrooks mic-dropping video is the single most impactful scandal that the young content creator has ever weathered, but it isn’t exactly the first time Charles has found himself in hot water. Let’s take a look back at some of his biggest snafus since his star started to rise.

Charles is accused of sexual harassment

Tati may have opened the floodgates on Charles’ best-kept secret, but several other influencers have jumped in to corroborate the story. According to Tati’s video, Charles, who is openly gay, has allegedly attempted to coerce, bribe or threaten straight men into sexual relationships. According to Paper, Zara Larsen and Olivia O’Brien both noted that they’d seen Charles behave similarly. Both Larsen and O’Brien allege Charles tried to force their own partners into sexual scenarios.

Tati also claimed that the famed beauty guru had used his power and money to toy with the emotions of several men. She noted his penchant for flirting with straight men specifically. Charles has regularly talked about his dating escapades on his YouTube channel and publicly called Tinder out for repeatedly suspending his account.

James Charles offended the masses with a tweet about Ebola

Back in 2017, Charles left the country to head to Africa. The then 17-year-old student was allegedly headed out on an educational trip. He decided it was a good idea to tweet about his fear of Ebola. While being concerned about a deadly illness isn’t problematic, his comedic approach to a grave issue rubbed some followers the wrong way.

According to Cosmopolitan, Charles later took down the tweet and issued an apology. Not only did Charles not seem to understand that Africa is a pretty vast continent with a vibrant mix of cultures, but he also failed to understand the severe nature of Ebola and how it affected those in the nation’s hardest hit by the virus. The apology worked, though, and Charles carried on with his beauty career.

The Shawn Mendes debacle

Shawn Mendes and Charles run in somewhat similar circles, but Charles still considers himself a fanboy. The 19-year-old found himself in hot water when Mendes’ fans noticed a series of inappropriate comments left by Charles. Many noted that the remarks were harassing. They even surmised Mendes ended a Livestream in 2018 after Charles showed up and began commenting.

Mendes, for his part, suggested he’d never been bothered by Charles’ comments, but all that seems to have changed now. Mendes unfollowed the beauty guru after Tati posted her “Bye Sister” video.

Charles allegedly lied about endorsements

The catalyst to Tati’s video was seemingly an endorsement deal that Charles took on following Coachella. Westbrook was peeved when her former mentee endorsed a rival vitamin company, but she wanted to make sure fans also knew that Charles was lying about the nature of the deal.

She noted that Charles’ apology was extremely telling. She stated that he said the name of her rival vitamin company, but stopped short at mentioning the name of hers. Westbrook alleges this is proof that James signed an endorsement deal. For those not in the know, Charles alleges he did the company a favor after they provided him with security at Coachella. Tati never bought the story. Fans, now, are left to wondering just how often the content creator was fibbing about the products he reviewed and suggested they buy. Tati thinks it’s a lot.