Did Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook Conspire To Ruin James Charles’ Career?

After James Charles dropped his 43-minute video addressing Tati Westbrook’s allegations, his subscriber count has begun to rise again. On the other hand, Westbrook and Jeffree Star are now losing followers. Not only did he clear himself of the accusations, but he also exposed Westbrook’s lies and Star’s shady plans. Charles’ video, complete with receipts, has convinced fans that Westbrook and Star planned the Charles’ controversy for financial gain.

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Jeffree Star | Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Did Tati Westbrook profit from the James Charles controversy?

During the Charles’ controversy, while Charles began losing subscribers at an alarming rate, Westbrook’s count skyrocketed. To date, she has gained almost 5 million new followers. YouTuber Shane Dawson showed his public support for Westbrook. On his Snapchat, Dawson claimed Halo Beauty helped him fix his “patchy red face.” Another YouTuber, FaZe Banks, questioned how many other people “felt bad” for Westbrook and bought her product.

FaZe Banks | Twitter

Westbrook uploaded a second video, a few days before Charles’ first response, where she called for the hate to stop. She said she never intended for the story to gain the international attention it did. She also claimed she made the video because she felt Charles was “unreachable.”

Westbrook stunned the YouTube beauty community by dropping a 43-minute expose video, titled, “Bye Sister,” about Charles at the beginning of May. She created the video after Charles uploaded an ad for her competitor, SugarBearHair. Westbrook was extremely hurt and claimed Charles made up an elaborate scheme to secretly work with them. She also mentioned her brand, Halo Beauty, several times in her video, touting the quality of the product.

Instead of leaving it at that, she accused Charles of manipulating straight men into doing sexual acts with him. These accusations are what caused fans to unsubscribe from Charles, not his Instagram post promoting Westbrook’s competitor.

Lauren XO | Twitter

Charles disproved almost all of Westbrook’s allegations including the Coachella incident. He showed text messages between himself and Nikita Dragun, proving he did not plan the SugarBearHair deal. He also played videos demonstrating he did promote Westbrook’s brand several times. Charles displayed messages showing that his sexual interactions with those in question were consensual.

Charles also displayed several messages where he reached out to Westbrook and her husband several times, before and after her video, proving she was the unreachable one.

Did Jeffree Star blow the controversy out of proportion on purpose?

Since Westbrook’s video dropped, Charles has lost over 3 million subscribers. While former Charles’ fans threw away his makeup, they began to buy Star’s. They also started subscribing to Star, now making him the most subscribed to beauty channel on YouTube.

Charles called out Star in his video as it seems like he was a crucial player in the controversy. When Star tweeted about fake people behind the scenes in the beauty community, Charles reached out to Star. Star allegedly told him, in a now-deleted voice memo, that he directed the tweet toward someone who stole Star’s ideas.

Then, Star texted Charles claiming Westbrook and Shane Dawson told him things Charles said about Star behind the scenes. Right before Charles’ response video to Westbrook, titled “Tati,” Star texted Charles, claiming he trapped a man in his room. He also accused Charles of using “the same words as a rapist would use.”

Tea Please | Twitter

Star also brought up Zach, Star’s boyfriend’s brother, and accused Charles of attempting to solicit photos from him. Charles inserted a YouTube clip where Star is the one who encouraged him to talk to Zach. The YouTuber claimed they spoke for a few days until it was evident to him that Zach was not interested.

Charles also showed a message Star sent where he claimed several people will discuss Charles’ predatory behavior on camera. Star also texted Charles’ friends, attempting to turn them against Charles. Star even publicly tweeted Charles’ little brother asking why him why Charles is “a predator.”

Fans are now speculating Star will come forward and address James Charles with a video including receipts.