James Corden ‘Disappointed’ in Himself After Sean Spicer Emmys Kiss

After being criticized for kissing Sean Spicer at the Emmys, James Corden offered a half-joking apology on The Late Late Show on Monday night.

Corden was photographed at an Emmys afterparty kissing Sean Spicer, and some on the left said that the late night comedian was helping to normalize someone who lied to the American people for eight months. On the September 18 episode of The Late Late Show, Corden seemed to agree with this criticism while at the same time making jokes about the whole thing.

“I think people are forgetting this man lied to the American people and should not be embraced,” Corden said. “These Hollywood phonies kissing up to Sean Spicer are disgusting. I mean, who did this? Who are we talking about here?”

The photo of Corden kissing Spicer then appeared on screen, and the late night host proceeded to wince.

James Corden on 'The Late Late Show.'

James Corden on ‘The Late Late Show.’ | CBS

He then jokingly channeled Spicer and claimed that this is not really a picture of him kissing the former White House press secretary at all, and afterwards, he called Spicer an ass.

“To be fair, everyone was kissing ass last night,” Corden said. “I just happened to kiss the biggest one there.”

It was at this point that Corden got a bit more serious in addressing the criticism.

“Understandably, some people have been disappointed by this photo,” Corden said. “In truth, I’m disappointed by it as well. I am. I’ve been reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter today, and I hear you loud and clear. Truly, I do. So much so that I’m really starting to regret that Carpool Karaoke that we’ve taped with Steve Bannon.”

Though Corden capped his apology with a joke, it sounded like he really did regret kissing Sean Spicer and heard the criticism that Hollywood should not cozy up to him as they did at the awards show.

Stephen Colbert also faced his fair share of criticism after the Emmys. After all, it was reportedly his idea to bring Spicer on stage for a bit, a decision that has been widely criticized by liberals on Twitter. Colbert has not yet addressed this criticism, as Monday’s episode of The Late Show was made up of clips from previous broadcasts. According to CNN, though, Colbert and his producers knew there would be a backlash, but “Colbert thought it would be funny and surprising, and that’s what mattered most.”