James Gunn Shut Down a Popular Fan Theory About Captain America and Star-Lord

The rumor mill on hidden aspects about characters in the MCU go on and on, sometimes debated on Reddit, then sometimes becoming mainstream media stories on their own. One of the wildest theories of many is that Star-Lord/Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy is related to one of the most famous Avengers.

Those already familiar with Star-Lord know he’s related (at least by half) with one of the Celestials. However, Quill also has human blood and possibly related to many others.

With James Gunn working on upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the above new theory has popped up again. Now Gunn is quashing the rumor before it goes any further. When put all together, it’s easy to see why the theory started based on one key character.

Was Peter Quill really related to Steve Rogers/Captain America?

James Gunn on the red carpet
James Gunn | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

When this rumor first began, it was only due to one strange twist: An actress who played Peter’s mom also played a different character who seemed to have eyes for Steve Rogers in an earlier time period.

This character is Meredith Quill who was played by Laura Haddock. Latter actress also played a completely different character as seen in Captain America: First Avenger. As Screen Rant pointed out recently, many fans thought this mysterious woman was Meredith’s own mother, potentially making Peter Steve Rogers’ grandson.

Of course, this also assumes this earlier woman had an affair with Rogers and had a child he never knew about. Even though she does flirt with Steve, it doesn’t reveal whether they slept together.

Such a theory could have lined up based on all the connective strings the MCU loves to explore and consider as canon. Now James Gunn is saying there’s no truth to this. Whether MCU fans will consider him an official source on the matter is yet to be determined.

Can Gunn be trusted on character matters related to the MCU?

No doubt more than a few Marvel fans consider Gunn to be a bit of an outsider when it comes to Marvel. After all, he’s currently working for DC as well on the new Suicide Squad sequel. Both DC and Marvel are very competitive rivals with fan bases sometimes criticizing the other.

Whatever Gunn says about a beloved Marvel character might not go over well with the most diehard MCU fans. Reddit will probably soon determine what the response is to Gunn saying the Peter Quill/Captain America connection is nothing but fan fantasy.

Because there may be backlash against his comment, what does it say about him being welcomed back to the Marvel/Disney fray in directing GotG Vol. 3? Maybe when the film comes out, fans will be back on his good side. The point behind his debunking, though, is clearly to focus the story on where Peter Quill really goes next.

As intriguing as it would be for Quill to find out he was perhaps interacting with his own grandfather during Endgame, the bigger story is the reignited romance between Quill and Gamora.

Peter’s grandfather has also already been seen anyway

To further quell all rumoring, James Gunn noted Peter’s real grandfather was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and again in Vol. 2. Gunn recently tweeted out the Cinema Blend source proving this connection.

Let’s admit connecting Peter and Cap by relation would have been too weird and heading into derivative Back to the Future territory. Focusing on how Gamora and Peter will link back up romantically is a far more interesting plot point.

Plus, there’s still the mystery about Peter’s Celestials relation through his father (Ego) and what their background is. The Eternals will likely shed light on this to help flesh out more about Peter’s prior abilities.

Many fans note a Peter/Cap connection also would have made the MCU too similar to the Skywalker saga where it seems family relations run just a little too close.