Jana Duggar Just Got Vulnerable About Relationships: ‘I Long to Be Married’

Many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest kids get attention thanks to their courtships, spouses, and growing families. But Jana Duggar, the oldest daughter, has all eyes on her for a different reason. At 30 years old, Jana still lives with her parents — and that’s because she remains single.

Jana’s made it known that she refuses to settle for just any man, and she’s had failed courtships in the past. But since there’s so much pressure to marry young as a Duggar, she just got vulnerable about how those expectations affect her. Here’s what she said about how she actually pines for marriage.

Jana Duggar still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof since she’s single

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While many of Jana’s younger siblings are married, having children, and living in their own homes, Jana remains with Jim Bob and Michelle. Ideally, the famous Duggar parents want their kids to engage in courtships and walk down the aisle before they move into their own place. And that remains to be true for Jana.

The 30-year-old gives herself plenty to do at the house, as she has her own garden and house projects she shares with her Instagram followers. But it seems she still shares a room with all of her younger siblings. And fans would love to see her break free from her parents whether she’s married or not.

“She is nearly 30,” a fan commented on Jana’s Instagram post. “Her parents are controlling her life. Enjoy life. God gave you free will. If she has a life outside her parents. If they raised her well. She won’t get into wild dancing, kisses boys, or having a life outside of making babies. I hope she takes a leap of faith, and has a life.”

The upcoming ‘Counting On’ season discusses Jana’s relationship status

It looks like Jana’s status as a single woman will be discussed in the future season of Counting On. A clip from the next season shows Jana getting her hair done with her sister-in-law, Abbie. And the hairdresser asks Jana if she has a boyfriend.

“Oh my,” Jana uncomfortably comments back as she’s getting her hair colored. “I mean, I wouldn’t mind it,” she added.

After that, a producer asked Jana, “Do you get tired of people asking about your relationship status?”

“It can be tiring, everyone asking,” Jana confirms.

While Jana might allude in Counting On that she’s totally open to a relationship, she’s said in the past that she’s not going to accept just anybody. “I’m not just out to get married to the first one that comes along,” she said back in 2015. And it seems she’s stuck to her guns.

She got vulnerable about her desires for marriage

While Jana puts up a strong front to Duggar family fans, it seems she does have some deep desires for marriage. She spoke to Us Weekly regarding her current single status, and she got extremely candid with where she’s currently at.

“Yes, I long to be married and one day I think that will come, but I think … I’m just also just trying to stay busy with whatever comes along my path, and just making the most of these single years,” Jana admitted to the publication. “And then, when that time comes, it’ll be the next season of life, and so … I think if I sit there and I’m like, ‘Oh no! I’m not married,’ and just all worried about it, it makes things way worse.”

The interviewer also asked, once again, if Jana gets tired of talking about her relationship status. “I think, sometimes, it can get tiring … so yeah, I guess it just depends on the day and time, and I guess how many times it’s been asked.”

So, does Jana feel pressured to be in a relationship with all the questions coming her way? “I think sometimes, yeah, it feels a little more pressure, and I’m like, I’m not that worried.”

It looks like Jana’s still waiting for Mr. Right to come along when the time comes, but she’s in no rush!

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