Jana Duggar Just Said She Still ‘Loves’ Her Living Situation, and Fans Have Questions

Since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting, fans have long known Jana Duggar to be soft-spoken and kind — and not much has changed. Now that she’s featured on TLC’s Counting On, fans adore seeing what the 29-year-old is up to now. And while she’s not yet married, she recently got her own Instagram account so she can fill her followers in on her home projects, travels, and time spent with her family.

Jana appears to be genuinely happy and content with what she’s doing in life. And she even mentioned she adores where she currently lives — though fans are left with many questions. Here’s what Jana said, her current living situation, and what her followers truly want for her.

Jana Duggar still lives with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

It’s well-known that the Duggars take courtships, marriage, and starting their own families quite seriously. And they seem to waste no time getting into serious relationships and tying the knot just a few months in. Jana, however, has decided to wait for her perfect man. For that reason, she still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof at 29 years old while her younger siblings who are married are moved out into their own homes.

Fans have long questioned why Jana isn’t currently courting or hasn’t married yet — and many have theorized that Jim Bob and Michelle are actually holding Jana back, as she helps take care of her younger siblings who still live at home. With that said, a source told Radar Online that that’s not really the case. Instead, Jana is just waiting for the right man to come along, which hasn’t happened yet. “Jana doesn’t want to be like a lot of others that just go out and get married and end up in a relationship that is negative. … She’s content with whatever the Lord wants for her,” the source said.

She just claimed she loves where she lives on Instagram

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Love this place I get to call home!

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So, is Jana eager to leave Jim Bob and Michelle’s home to go and venture out on her own? That doesn’t appear to be the case. The Duggar daughter just added a photo of her parents’ property to Instagram and captioned the post, “Love this place I get to call home!” She also added additional photos of her home to her Instagram Story.

Jana may be content with where she is, but fans took to the comments section to question her choices. “Have you ever even for a moment considered getting a home of your own and living your own life?” one fan commented. Another questioned, “@janamduggar do you still live with your loving parents?!”

Fans have given Jana flak for living with her parents before

Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar
Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

This is far from the first time Jana’s followers have questioned her decision to live at home. While it’s clear Jim Bob and Michelle prefer their unmarried kids to stay in the family home, Jana, being almost 30-years-old, could make the brave decision to move out if she chose to. And fans have been egging her on to live independently for years.

As one of Jana’s followers commented on this post, “She is nearly 30. Her parents are controlling her life. Enjoy life. God gave you free will. If she has a life outside her parents. If they raised her well. She won’t get into wild dancing, kisses boys, or having a life outside of making babies. I hope she takes a leap of faith, and has a life.” Another wrote on this post of Jana’s garden, “Time to grow up and become a fully functioning adult who actually has to live in the real world and pay their own bills! There are people that can help you if you need help escaping!”

We’re still rooting for Jana and Lawson Bates to get together, but it seems that hasn’t happened yet. Until then, we’re looking forward to more posts from the Duggar family home.

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